Saturday, April 04, 2009

Build It

Today I rode my bike to the radio station and did my weekly show...and then I stuck around to pull cables and hook up gear for five hours. We have a new and very cool new Live Room for bands and talk shows and I'm psyched at the prospect of producing live bands in-house again, especially with a new studio to work with!

Before the music, there is work to be done:

Up behind this tiny door are a bunch of cables that need to be re-routed. I pity the sad bastard who gets stuck doing that job...

Actually, it was kinda fun, getting all boxy and tangly...

Well, fun to watch, anyway.

Man, am I done yet? Nope.

How about I set up the mixer and hook it to the PC?
I actually enjoy doing that sort of thing:

Of course, it wouldn't be good radio without good's this week's playlist:

The New Breakfast Snob, Saturday April 4 2009:

Astronauts of Antiquity- Breakthrough
Jazzy and way, way of my favorite new bands.

Alan Parsons Project- Breakdown
Looking at our studio-in-progress gave me a warm fuzzy feeling for audio production- Alan Parsons personifies production. We will all obey!

Azzdine w/ Bill Laswell - Britou
Electronic Moroccan roll with long-distance overdubs by legendary bassist Bill Laswell. I love this!

Bob Marley & the Wailers- Positive Vibration
When this is done, I'm gonna chill with Marley's ghost. Lively up!

Led Zeppelin- Boogie With Stu
Physical Graffiti still sounds really, really good...Jimmy Page produced this and he aced it.

Bad Haggis- Nimble Attitude
I have a caller who likes this band at least as much as I do...and I like them a lot, bagpipes and all.

Stephen Luke- Long Way Home
Luke's debut CD is one of the best 1972 rock albums of's remarkably solid and addictive. Nice understated production by Kelly Richey, who also adds sizzling guitar playing.

Jen Foster- Broken
Foster's voice can cheer you up or break you down, it all depends on what she's saying. Very good stuff...The Underdogs? Who? Research required.

The Beatles- Oh, Darling
George Martin was no slouch in the studio. Know who he is, right?

Norine Braun- Jen Suis Desolee
I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Now hush up and let me listen to the guitar solo. It rocks.

Trey Green- My Girlfriend
I used to date the girl in this song.

Chrissy Coughlin- Log
Cool, blue and true...from NYC.

Billy David Band-Hate
Billy is against hate. It's a good thing to oppose.

Ross Phazor- Someday
The band name was inspired by an ELO album cover and a cheap microphone. I liked this song enough to *snip* the profanity out for airplay.

Screaming Daisies- Bees
This band will conquer the world any day now.

Garbage- Temptation Waits Shirley Manson really a robot? Terminate me, please!

Sexsha Brayne- Armageddon a Go-Go
Fire! Disease! Scorpions with human faces! Lots of bad shit!

Damien Dempsey- Dublin Town
One of Ireland's best and near the top of my "wanna see live" list.

Richard Thompson- Dad's Gonna Kill Me
One of Ireland's best. The man plays guitar like no one else...absolutely flabbergasting!

The Kinks- Complicated Life
I'm mocking myself by playing this. Haha.

Anouschka- Venice Beach
This song has some negative things to say about the music business...I, on the other hand, have nothing but good things to say about this Swedish-American singer/songwriter/, I wanna play in her band.

Trench Town Oddities- I Will Never Let You Fall
Nice harmonies and hooks from Canada, not Jamaica.

Joan As Policewoman- Furious
I first heard this excellent band on our station...very thoughtful and intricate stuff that sounds easy but isn't.

Dare Dukes- Bakersfield
If you live anywhere near Savannah, you should keep your eyes and ears open for Dare Dukes. If you don't live there, check him out anyway. You'll be glad you did.

Carrie Rodriguez- She Ain't Me
No one is...Carrie is unique. I've been hooked since the first listen.

Jon Prophet - As Good As Your Yesterday
Dude, sometimes you just have to play bass through a Rat Pedal for three minutes.
Ah, that felt good, didn't it?

Lisa Maxwell- Harmonic Rock/Out Of Sight
Actually, three minutes of loud distortion isn't enough. Have six more-and like it. I did!

Southern Backtones- Forever
The guitar hook has a nice Pixies-esque sound to it, really catchy tune from this excellent Houston band.


I ran out of time long before I ran out of music -there's always next week!


yellowdog granny said...

george martin is a genius.didn't he help with the beatles show in vegas too?...
yesterday while i was cleaning the porch and working in the yard, i had across the universe on, cranked up so loud that when i went to check the mail at the office i could still hear it.hahahaha...i fecking love that friend in canada made a canadian mix for me too and i really like them canadians...

whimsical brainpan said...

Sounds like a great show. I hate that I had to miss it.

NYD said...

We finally got weather nice enough to bycycle in. It makes for a good introduction and a better final overture for a day at work.

A DJ buddy of mine has asked me to join his show once a week for the next four weeks. Something about a Gaijin's take on Japanese life and the music we like to listen to.
Should be fun.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Be my DJ. I'm in agreement about Physical Graffiti--Led Z 3 is also a favorite of mine, but Graffiti is quite amazing.

Damn, you know some good music.

angel said...

I like the photies dude!
Nice list too. I love that you don't run out of music...

Craig D said...

Oh, hey, Allan. Yeah. Super. Thanks for stopping in. Um, great job on running the cables, by the way. Yeah. We're switching over to an all-talk format starting... let's see, what is today? We're switching over to an all-talk format tomorrow. Yeah. That'll be tomorrow. You know, Rush, Sean, Laura. Those guys. So, like I said, great job with the cables. Um. Yeah. Super.