Friday, April 24, 2009

Radio ,Radio and Some More Radio And Some Not Radio At The Very End

On Air:


Today, 24 April 2009, 5-7 PM: Global-a-Go-Go

I'll be engineering a live in-studio broadcast of reknowned world music band Hotel X , as they graciously help us kick off the fund-raising week for our non-profit volunteer station. The inestimable Bill L. will be DJ'ing his show but I imagine I'll get a few words in- Hotel X founding member Ron C. is a life-time best friend of mine, so our occasional radio shows together have always been fun. Ron, the Twin and I used to jam in my Grandma's house when we wuz kids...sigh.

Saturday , 25 April 2009 1-3 PM: The New Breakfast Snob

My own weekly show, during which I will try to explain what radio means to our community and why it's important that our listeners continue to support us. But mostly I wanna rock.

Saturday , 25 April 2009, 5-7 PM: River City Limits

DJ Dan Dacoit hosts a live performance by Richmond's The Riot Before, who I understand to be kinda loud and full of that punk rock stuff that the kids today seem to like...tsk.
Nonetheless, I'll be engineering it and it should be great.

Sunday , 26th April 2009, 9-6: Back to the Federal Help Desk

Over and out. Back to the salt mine.


yellowdog granny said...


Merelyme said...

wow that sounds really great!

angel said...

Shoowee... an on air weekend then eh?

Blanche DuBois said...

Glad to see you are feeling better. Using music to sooth the monsters is a smart way to spend the weekend.

Anonymous said...


schlep said...

My friend caryl said, "I heard Cardiacs on the radio this weekend!" - which made my day, and yours too I hope.
I wasn't listening, shamefully.

Craig D said...


Word up, my brother!

要借錢請找大中當舖 to tha max, yo!!!