Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So Much For My New Defiance

Bummer. I was all poised to conquer the world, despite having what I thought was just a minor head cold...until I tried to blow my nose and it felt like my ears had ruptured. Ka-boom!

I couldn't help but scream in pain and surprise, which drew some unwanted attention at I went to the doc and he gave me a couple of shots in the ass and a pair of prescriptions and told me to go to sleep- but the pills that are supposed to unclog my listening tubes are making me bounce off the walls and feel all conversational-like; judging from a few recent exchanges, I'm pretty sure that my talk-bone is experiencing major server issues when trying to connect with my brainbox, so maybe I'd better stay away from microphonics for the nonce.

Come to think of it, maybe the keyboard isn't such a good idea either.


Enemy of the Republic said...

What's going on with our physical health? Are you subject to all the rain that has been dowsing Philadelphia lately? Today it actually made me feel sick. I need a shot in the ass!

NYD said...

I hope the doc was attractive!

Babble pills. Now, that is something I should stay away from.

Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, maybe a message that it's not the right time for fight?

Hope you are well soon!

yellowdog granny said...

after having a cough for 5 months, i've figured out there is no such thing as a minor cold.

Craig D said...

Lotta that going around, pal. I'm just finishing up a course of antibiotics, myself.

Again, maybe you need to consider talk radio as a career path. Pills. Brain bone disconnected from hyperactive talk bone. You'd be a natural!

Allan said...

E- Rain, then warm, then cold, then it's a crowded office with lots of shared phones and PCs.
The shots are worth it- I can breathe this morning!

NYD- I guess his wife thinks he is.

CS- It's rarely a good time for a forfeit, sadly. Thanks, you too.

JS- Damn, that's very worrisome.

CD- I hear ya. haven't actually heard my radio show, have you? I'm almost halfway there- the no-pay is the big obstacle.

Craig D said...

Sadly, I have never heard your radio show. Streaming audio is just not an option for my dial-up internet access at home.