Sunday, May 10, 2009

Fear, Nature, Helmets and Media Exposure

The good news: I don't have to work Sundays anymore.

The bad news: My job doesn't exist anymore. The Help Desk support has worked so well that it is no longer needed and we are getting shut down. Some of my staff have been laid off and the rest have been moved to other departments, but the whole operation is ahead of schedule and there's a lot more downsizing to come.

Two things could happen to me:

1) I could get moved back to the Department that I used to supervise, but this time I'd be a clerk, which means taking a $200 per week pay cut and losing my managerial access to things like doors, toilets and parking spaces...and one of my former clerks will be my boss. Next week, I may very well be doing my old job of administering employment tests, just for significantly less money than I was accustomed to earning and with significantly more resentment than I am accustomed to feeling. I'd like to think that the bitterness will pass, but it probably won't unless I get promoted again- or fired. I'll just try to keep my mouth shut and do my job.

I actually enjoy the job, but my attitude is totally fucked by the the sweeping unfairness of recent events- I mean, every Department I supervise finishes six weeks ahead of schedule and I wind up getting screwed for it. I take no comfort in knowing that I'm not the only person getting hosed, but it makes me feel as if I'm being punished for doing good work and it's hard to pretend I'm cheerful about just having a job at all.

2) I might get canned, have to turn in my keys and apply for unemployment. I sure am glad our State Assembly voted to turn down the Federal Stimulus money for unemployment benefits.

Tomorrow is very likely to suck. I may not even have a job, and if I do, it will be with crippled pride and amputated wages.

Anyway. I went ATVing this afternoon with my uncle and my brother. The twin was in town to look at a house, but the house was bit disappointing. It had a great yard, but the interior wasn't well designed, it felt cramped, uninviting and a bit creepy. No deal seems likely.


During today's ride, I made sure to wear a helmet. Last time I posted ATV pics I caught some well-deserved hell from concerned blogpals for not wearing a helmet.

So here ya go:

Luckily- and not for lack of trying- I didn't wreck. I had fun instead.

My Uncle has built a small cabin and huge series of trails on the rural property he owns.

We rode around for few hours, including a jaunt down to the river, which is at or near flood-stage.

It's beautiful countryside and the weather was perfect for riding.

Hmm...let's see...what else? Oh yeah!

One of my oldest pals just had their first child- a boy! Congrats J! You will be a great dad!


My Volvo 780 is gone forever. A gentleman came by Friday, gave me money and towed it away. I'll miss that car- it got me to some important places and it's by far the most comfortable, luxurious car I've ever owned. My new car is OK, but...but...sigh.

Yesterday I was interviewed by a well-established local weekly magazine. The interview was conducted while I was on-the-air doing my own show, which I found a bit more distracting than anticipated, but fun. I hope the article, which is about our station's live music and not especially about me, is a favorable one.

I might need it as part of my next resume.


NYD said...

I still work two Sundays a month and I dislike it intensely.

I sure hope you were kind to the clerks on the last job.

I, myself actually like wearing a helmet and feel odd without one especially when I'm going off road.

I understand how you feel about the car- kinda like an old pair of Levis, right?

Eventhough Life is hard, The future is bright so put on them shades, There are assholes everywhere so just grab yourself a mudflap girl and get yourself to Just another Movie.


Enemy of the Republic said...

My husband has lost so much work since bailout, and it just pisses him off. So I understand how you feel.

I want to tell you to buck up, so buck up, but damn, I know you are pissed and I'm pissed for you.

Craig D said...

No good deed goes unpunished, I've heard it said.

I've worked the last two Saturdays (salaried = no O/T pay) and my boss is reluctant to approve the day I have requested as vacation.

Oh yeah, and there's there's THIS thing.

If I were you, I'd keep that helmet on 24/7.

angel said...

I am glad you wore a helmet, but I'm sad your job is on the line again. You seemed really happy whilst it was going well. I hope- for your finances' sake if nothing else- that you get the demotion...
Strongs dude!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my. I'm glad yu are geting out and having fun (safely - our family rule is ALWAYS wear a helmet on bikes and skateboards and skates.) But complete suckage about the job.

yellowdog granny said...

im glad you got to have some quality time with the uncle and twin...good for you..
the job situation just sucks..I'm so mad for you..
I can't believe this is the thanks you get for doing a good job..feck!

Allan said...

NYD- I have always treated my subordinates with respect and compassion - unless they totally fuck up. This year, I've had a great staff...but I suck at being a clerk. I'm gonna totally fuck up sooner or later.

I'm a new convert to helmets!

Jeans. Nailed it.

EotR- I'll buck up later. But thanks.

CD- There's no security like job security.

A- I got demoted. I don't think I'll ever feel good about it. My plans for the whole year are shot.

CW- I'm considering joining the working homeless for a year. If I survive, I'll write a book...oh wait. It's been done.

JS- It was fun! The only time I'm NOT scared these days is when I'm driving thru the woods like a mad man.

billy pilgrim said...

i'm thinking of putting a roll bar in the corolla and wearing a helmet.

your census job has me thinking of ub40's one in ten.

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