Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Rock Blots

Yesterday I got laid-off. Less than ten minutes later, I got my job back, only with terrible hours- forty hours spread over six days per week - I now have a three-hour shift on Friday, a five-hour day on Sunday and four eight-hour shifts Mon-Thurs.

A few hours later I got wind that I was getting promoted and transferred to a nearby office- wait, no- I was getting laid-off, nevermind...it was about this time that I sorta accidentally said some rather loud and impolitic words which have either gotten me fired, promoted or back to 'normal'...I honestly don't know where I stand job-wise from one hour to the next.

It's wearing me out. I don't know how much longer I can stand it.

But I also have a fun new project that will mesh radio, blogging, patriotism and Rorschach blots in a lively and informative manner that is designed to draw attention to talented but underknown independent bands and musicians.

How's that work?

I'll send an inkblot to an artist that I like and let them examine it, after which I will speak with them on the telephone and ask them to explain the image, using one of their own songs to do so- after which, we will play the song for the radio audience and end with a few comments about what we just heard and how the audience can hear more - a well-deserved plug for the artists.

In reality, the inkblot is just an icebreaker- a way to allow the artist to steer the conversation towards something important to them (and get a song played). It also helps keeping me from having to ask questions like :"who are your influences" or "have you ever met Madonna?"

Where's the blog part come in?

I have started a new blog called Rock Blots (nuthin' much there yet) and it will feature the weekly blot in question as well as a transcript of the radio interview and whatever promotional links that my guests would like posted. Other than band links, there will be no advertising and no money will change hands, it's solely about the musicians and their songs- and all in fun.

OK....so what about the patriotism?

I have a radio show on July 4th of this year. I would like to debut my show's new interview feature on that date and feature a tribute to an artist from a different U.S. State each week for 52 weeks after that-one full year!

Yes, I know that there are only 50 States, but I got that little math-based bugaboo figured out, no worry there...in any case, I intend to prove that there are good American bands everywhere and that many of them are actually a lot better than their famous ilk- my opinion anyway.
(I'm correct on this, so don't bother arguing.)

I have a small number of artists that I have corresponded with and most of them have already agreed to participate- I expected to hear "wow...that sounds insane"....well, I did hear that, but in a good way...but I have four artists already lined-up after asking five- it's just matter of logistics and tech details from here on...the interviews will be recorded over the telephone at my house, then I'll edit them for airplay...I'm a geek and I'm not ashamed of it!

If you are in, or know of a band that I might enjoy (check my playlist label for examples) , let me know- there aren't really any rules except the band must be active (performing , recording etc) and they can't cuss on the radio. Oh, and no major-label artists. They get enough press already.


Craig D said...

Rock Blots? I love it! I know where you can find an image of the Holy Mother on a griddle for your first experiment...

(Oh, and sorry about the job stress thing.)

Allan said...

CD-Cool, music-lovers like you are the target audience!

Stress? At my job? Do I even have a job?

Anonymous said...

Ooh, the blots are too close to grad school for me!!

Sorry about the sucky schedule.

yellowdog granny said...

well, I'm confused...first the job situation would make me crazy enough to shoot someone and actually walk on the murder charge as obviously they were trying to do your brain bodily harm.
secondly..the rock blots is a terrific idea and think your a fucking genius..can i nominate my friend james hand from west, texas.?...go to my blog and check on james hand and you can hear his music..if you want i can get in touch with him the next time he's home..

angel said...

OMW what an AWESOME concept!!! Dude, I can't wait for the results!

Craig D said...

Just try saying "Rock Blots Blog" ten times in a row.

Allan said...

rockblotsdotblogspot 10 times!