Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Credits and Edits

If you like your Rock served up loud and punk, then you will love Richmond's own Landmines, a tight-and -fast local combo that played in our studio this weekend. They had the largest wall of guitar amplifiers that I've ever seen in a radio station...whew! The dudes rocked- here's a pic displaying their punk cred:

During my own show earlier that day, I played a song by The Stranglers (Something's Gotta Change from 1977's No More Heroes ) , a record from my own private collection...holy shit! It dawned on me that I have keyboard-punk records that are thirty-two years old! In 1977, punk rock was already in it's second (or fourth) generation...
No wonder I feel jaded. I am jaded.

The previous night, we hosted a visit by emcee El Prezidino:

He and DJ AA had it under control!

Cool rack of DJ gear:

On Sunday afternoon, I recorded a session with an Oregon band called Forever , who may be the most obscure band I've ever met...I cannot find them on the internet!

What I found was a link to a band, also named Forever, that describes itself as " christian [sic] alternative gothic [sic] heavy metal "...sick, sick, sick is right.

Alternative Christian Gothic Heavy Metal is impossible to lampoon...it's pre-satirized on conception...I mean, in one of my old bands, we used to joke about playing Christian Death Metal... but it was a joke, for Christ's sake! We never intended for anyone to actually do it.
Meanwhile down in Hell, Satan spreads his leathery wings and laughs...

Thank Godzilla I didn't have to put up with Christians on Sunday...instead of going to church, I recorded a fun, quirky pop-punk band that reminded me of groups like X and Belly. I wish I had a link...they are barely mentioned by their record label and don't seem to have a myspace or website...they gave me a copy of their CD, but it has almost no info on it...great songs, lousy promotion.

Oh,nevermind. Here's their website. I see that they've actually posted some of the recordings from Sunday's session, I guess they liked the results- but where are my props?

Sheeeesh, I'm getting all sensitive now. Seriously, the more of my work gets posted on-line, the better; but it doesn't help me build a portfolio if I'm not credited- I work at the station as a volunteer, credit is all I get. Well, that and a radio show.

My interview in the local weekly paper was finally published. It was edited down to a single quotation in a tiny article, but at least they spelled my name correctly and quoted me accurately, which is actually pretty cool (and rare). I wish they would have mentioned the day and time of my show, which airs every Saturday at 1 pm and features playlists such as the one below:

The New Breakfast Snob, Saturday June 27, 2009

Ashlee Rose- Save My Soul
Anouschka- Good Girl Gone Wild
Ten Years After- Convention Prevention
The Stranglers- Something's Gotta Change

Cafebar401- Blame The Villian
Cary Grace- Undertow
Neil Young- Winterlong
Jimi Hendrix- Long Hot Summer Night
Jennings- Doorway

Joan as Policewoman- Eternal Flame
Funkadelic- Can't Stand The Strain
Arvel Bird- Native Lovers
Peter Bayreuther- Wild Roses
Norine Braun- Evolution of The Blood Star
Underwhelmed- Freak (Like Me)

Bob Dylan and the Band- Orange Juice Blues
Manda Mosher- Keeps on Turning
Area 27- Wild Card

Bob Marley- Want More
Trench Town Oddities- I Have Never Let You Fall
X- White Girl
Scream Daisy- Bees
Belly- The Bees
T. Rex- Cosmic Dancer

Clara Bellino- Peaceful Solution
Mythica- My Magdalene
Taxi To The Ocean- Crystal Cuts
Cursive- Retreat!
Jeannine Hebb- Things Haven't Been So Bad Lately

And so it goes.


secret agent woman said...

Someone recently told me she went to hear a band who are Christian screamo. Go figure.

Enemy of the Republic said...

I live for your playlists. Now if only I could hear your show...

Craig D said...

"Christian Death Metal?"

Christian Death and Resurrection Metal!

angel said...

Your recordings always sound so interesting...
So have they given you credit on their site yet?


well, i know i wont listen to you next sat as it's the 4th and i actually have plans..but im writing a big sign and hanging it on the computer the following sat. and im listening..i'll give you a call...such great music.