Friday, June 12, 2009

Get Out

A couple days ago I encountered a trio of tourists downtown; the chap on the left is taking a pic of a local pub's banner while the pair on the right are struggling with some sort of GPS gizmo. As I approached, the taller gent asked me if I knew where to find a particular local bar:

"Yes, I do. We are standing in front of it. You just took a picture of the sign."

"Oh. I thought so, but our GPS is telling us that this intersection is 3.8 miles away."

What? Are you completely daft? You are standing in the doorway of the establishment that you are seeking- taking pictures, no less- yet you are hesitant to recognize it for what it is because of the contrary data fed to you by an electronic toy? My advice would be to throw your 'e-map' into the river and learn to trust your eyes.

"No, it's right here. This is the entrance."

I was there for the pub's weekly Trivia contest, which is hosted by my friend and former co-worker Dave, and I was really hoping that the tourists were going to be the competition, but they weren't...they vanished into the downstairs drinkery while I made my way upstairs to the game room.
I was on a team with another former co-worker; we didn't win- but it was fun and served as a reminder that I need to get out more often. I seem to have made a few friends at the former office, which is it's own reward. (All I need now is revenue.)

The next day, I engineered a live radio performance by Atlanta band The Coathangers, a delightfully interactive all-girl combo with the uncanny ability to convert simple beats, good attitudes and odd couplets of rhythmically bent guitar notes into catchy hooks and danceable songs. Great fun!

They were happy, enthusiastic and a true pleasure to be around...I've been depressed for awhile and really needed some good energy- The Coathangers have plenty of energy, that's for sure- so I decided to go check out their gig, which was at a local billiards parlor/nightclub.

There wasn't much in the way of audience, but the girls put on a great show anyway- when a band is having fun, it's easy to smile while you watch them...well, my private, pre-gig 'pep talk' with two of the members helped with the grin, if you know what I mean....there are certainly worse ways to deal with depression than being locked in a van with a pair of Coathangers.

I wish I had thought to bring my real camera, my phone has no flash:

The band is on their way to Baltimore, and then to Canada. Best of luck!

Me, I'm heading back to the radio for awhile. More music to follow.



wish there was a way to get your to west for westfest...i'd find you a bunch of cute czech girls..and there is tons of music going get down you know you can always call me..i do make you laugh..

angel said...

Dude! How could you leave your camera behind when you're going to a live gig!

Craig D said...
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Craig D said...

That GPS thing is so classic.

There is an alarming trend that people don't want to experience anything unless it is filtered through some sort of digital media.

Every sound had to be heard through ear buds.

Every communique has to be a tweet, a fb update, a blog posting or via text message.

I won't believe it's real until I can watch it on YouTube!

Obviously, I'm on that slippery slope myself, or I wouldn't typing this. :0( AND MY USING AN EMOTICON ISN'T HELPING< EITHER!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun.

And I have always loved the word "daft."

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of my friend who flew to Florida, rented a car & with her new, shiny GPS headed out of the parking lot. She couldn't figure out where the heck she was going. Finally a Cop stopped her & asked her what her problem was. At this point she realized her GPS was telling her she was in Oklahoma!! This is a true story & she was as sober as a judge :) Just thought I would share that one.

Mary Beth