Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Changing Tone Of Laundry

Yesterday I did my laundry for the first time since losing my job. I hadn't expected to have any epiphanies, minor or otherwise, while washing my clothes and my lack of expectations were, for the most part, fully met.

Or were they? I was surprised by certain thoughts that I had while I was engaged in my domestic endeavor:

I'm doing the wash on a Tuesday night. This, for me, is an extraordinary break from routine, Sunday is my traditional washing day. Like most persons in recovery, I am a creature of habit, so making a change may be significant...hopefully in a good way.

A lot of bad things have happened recently and I'm not drunk. There are worse things than being depressed...being drunk, miserable, self-destructive and dangerous, for instance. The simple fact that I'm doing several loads of laundry displays a certain proactive and optimistic behavioral pattern generally not found in drunkards and addicts. I hope so, anyway.


I sort my laundry into two categories: Work and Other.

1) Work: This includes items that require special treatment and tools, i.e., careful folding and the use of coat-hangers. I have very little Work attire in this batch of reason to dress up, after all.

2) Other: Everything else. Forget about sorting the colors, after the first time it doesn't matter anyway.

Have I mentioned my new PC lately? Probably not, since I've been so busy mucking about with my new toy to do much blogging ...even after heavy upgrades, my old PC was too slow for video streams or most post-2004 software and games- my new PC streams Fringe episodes like a racehorse and, after a bit of precariously auto-didactic overclocking, plays Fallout 3 at respectable settings. What more could a guy want?


How about a weekly radio program?

The New Breakfast Snob, Sat June 13

Elu- Lose Control

Jennings- Doorway

Omar Alexander- Breathe Out

Jeannine Hebb-Things Haven't Been So Bad Lately

Chris Huff- Hey Now Now

Peter Tosh-No Sympathy

Brice Woodall-Redwoods

Dare Dukes- Ballad of Darius McCollum

Underwhelmed- Something In Myself

Ross Phazor- You'll Never Change

The Service Industry- They Fired Me

Stefanie Seskin-Jerking My Chains

HuDost-All My Guitars

Jim Protector-Jim Protector's Guide To Self-Pity

Vocoder- Faithless??
This is on a mix CD I have...I can't find anything on-line that matches it. The band and or song title may be incorrect...I know what a Vocoder is,but I can't find a band that sounds like this rockin' cut.

Southern Backtones- Forever

Anouschka- House of My Father

Joan As Policewoman-Furious

Cary Grace- Firefly

Norine Braun- Je Suis Desolee

Clara Bellino- Peaceful Solution

Damien Dempsey- Marching Season Siege

Robbie Robertson- Go Back To Your Woods

AceNoFace- Snakes

Peter Bayreuther- Hey Baby

Area 27-Wild Card

The Duhks-Mighty Storm

OK, then.


Anonymous said...

"A lot of bad things have happened recently and I'm not drunk."

I love this one. When I wanted to do a check on whether I was drinking mindlessly/too much - coming from a long line of alcoholics - I took a break from drinking any alcohol for a few years. I weathered my brother's drwoning wihtout once thinking what I really needed was a nice glass of wine, which pleased me no end.

But I wish I could do laundry once a week, instead of the near-daily rate required by having kids in the house.

yinyang said...

I really like this song: Jeannine Hebb - "Things Haven't Been So Bad Lately." I should listen to your radio show more often, but the time zones mess me up or I forget.

billy pilgrim said...

alcohol is a weapon of the state.

NYD said...

Damn, you think up some deep shit while doin the laundry.
All I can manage is what kind of pizza I'm gonna order.

The straight and narrow is not an end in itself, but merely a means to an end.

Keep your goals in sight.

angel said...

I like that you're staying positive Al...
and I LOVE "Fringe"!

Craig D said...

Well, I'm counting down the days to my own "permanent layoff" date and, amazingly, was occupied with replacing our 11 year-old washing machine today. It required missing out a day of work, but I guess I need to get used to that, eh?

Best wishes for a continued sobriety, pal.


i'd rather have a kidney removed with a grapefruit spoon than do laundry..
why oh why can't you get a radio gig that pays...? sigh*

more cowbell said...

You're doing better than I - not in recovery and haven't been able to get off my ass all day to do laundry. Or even shower.