Friday, July 10, 2009

Juxtapose What Might Happen

Today is not a dreary day for mopery. It is Friday and I have no obligations, so I put my new-found Kristoffersonian freedom to good use- I went outside and walked around! As I did this, I saw a great many things, including a big glowing ball in the sky that provided warmth and light to, who knew that was there?

The giant lightbulb in the sky made me wonder about the purpose of this lamp:

The hose, of course, carries water and is used to simulate the soothing burble of a mountain stream. It's what is keeping me so mellow.

In a car, I might not have noticed this next set of images- I had a hard time getting a pic that included both signs (cars wanted the road for themselves), but someone recently opened a dog grooming boutique directly across the street from our local Church of Scientology and the juxtaposition was enough to make me laugh out loud in public.



The next sign would have been equally at home in either parking lot:

Scientology cracks me's own prophet, El Ron, made it all up and tried to market it as science-fiction, but he earned very little money selling it as prose, so he re-packaged it as religion and made a huge fortune. Somehow, I doubt that El Ron was the first person to make such a leap.

Then, of course, there was this pairing of stupid questions:

I mean, there are only two possible answers to these questions:

1) Yes.

2) A lie.

Like, duh.



ole ron even made a statement about if you wanted to make money, start your own relgion..oh..did i tell you about the wonders of the goddess? for $50 I'll tell you how worshiping her will make you look like tom cruise and sound like john travolta...
it's very hard for me to sit here and type comments on my friends blogs today..i have my dvd player on and listening to the sportsmusic cd...been dancing all over the living room with annie to love shack, wild thing, and money having a great time and annie thinks im fucking crazy.

Allan said...

I'm don't wanna look like Cruise or sound like Travolta, so I'm saving my $50.

secret agent woman said...

This is one of the nuttiest religions going.