Saturday, July 11, 2009

Better Dead Than MOR

During my radio show I received a message from an older male friend of mine:

"Mainstream show today! You selling out?", he asked.

I know he was joking, but his words hurt. Mainstream? Mainstream?

Shortly after that, I received another message, this one from a new female penpal that I had been flirting with. She felt that the music I played was a bit "extreme" and that she was sorry, but she would rather not meet in person.

I didn't- and never will- have a response for that message.

Hmmm. I am "mainstream". I am also "extreme".

Extreme + Mainstream = Middle of the Road. MOR? Pass the hemlock,eh?

Middle -of-the-Road (MOR) is what radio stations used to call boring, comfortably bland, predictable, marketable and wholly conformist, that music is called "alternative".

In any case, here is my musical agenda: I play music that I like and I don't play music that I dislike. Extreme, eh?


Guiltless Cult- Supernatural Sun
Dedicated to my favorite star of all time.

Crack The Sky-Lighten Up McGraw
For S. I feel for you, my friend.

Area 27- Black Sun
Nice production, great vocals...a new blend of electronica, on my 'like' list!

Cat Dail- Conscious Mess
A talented songstress with unabashed punnery and humorous wordplay. What's not to like?

Chrissy Coughlin- Big Log
It's a great, melancholy song about the pain of long-distance romance. I have no idea how it slipped into my playlist. Again.

Dare Dukes-Ballad of Darius McCollum/ PTOA/Starland
I owe Dare a big favor- he was one of the first artists to respond to my tentative emails to artists that I like, his reply helped me decide to branch out and look for newer music.

Jethro Tull- Living in the Past
But, damn. I really do love Jethro Tull...Subtext, baby, subtext. Listen between the lines.

Joan As Policewoman- The Ride
JAP's music reminds me of the Cocteau Twins, except with balls and without the sub-aquatic reverb. Actually,they aren't that much alike...but the backing vocals have a tinge of that "big pretty" CT sound. I actually like the Cocteau Twins...don't tell my friends.

Manda Mosher- Keeps on Turning
New favorite song that speaks for itself.

Barry McCabe- Rollin'
I am a sucker for Irish rockers.

Ben Harper- Steal My Kisses
OK...mainstream...but so what?

Southern Backtones- Dirty
"I'm going down there to get a little dirty on you"...hmmm.
I think this might be an adult theme.

CafeBar 401- From Now On
Cool European keyboard-based pop-rock. Good singer.

Songs of The Blue Heart- The Poisoning
Brand-new and I'm digging this! The lyrics presents problems...and solutions. Humanity set to a ear-happy blend of a dozen genres,all good.

Astronauts of Antiquity- Breakthrough/Rocket Science For Dummies/RevCon
I believe in this song. Seriously.

Stephen Luke- Long Way Home/No Man's Land/Sweet Lucy
Nothin' fancy, just a slow-cooked blues served up jes' right.

Ashlee Rose- So Damn Complicated
Ok, so maybe the aftermath of a loved one's suicide is not the happiest subject for a song, but this song hit me in my heart and made me cry- suicide is in my family- and anything that moves me like that deserves some airplay. I apologize if it scares you...there are pills available if needed. Just stay with the recommended dosage, please.

Elu- Scarborough Fair
It's a great song. Right?

Pentangle- The Blacksmith
So is's a traditional tune that never loses relevancy.

Omar Alexander- Shine
Brand new Latin-based funky butt-shaking groove!

Funkadelic- Nappy Dugout/Cosmic Slop/Westbound
Really old ghetto-based funky butt-shaking groove!

Norine Braun- Evolution of The Blood Star
I love Norine Braun...I would bake her a thousand cakes for but a single 'yeah'.

Arvel Bird- No Problems
Part Native-American, part Scot, part...?? It's Celtic fiddle set to a Native mono-beat with the riff fron 'Rudy Can't Fail' carrying the guitar. And it is awesome.

The Frames- Lay Me Down
So pretty...and sad.

Angelfish- Suffocate Me
No, really. I do not have a crush on Shirley Manson. Honest.

Carrie Rodriguez- She Ain't Me
No, but he ain't me either, so that makes us even.

Jennings- Doorway/Storybook/Jenningsmusic
A friend of mine recently called and told me that she really liked this song , which makes me happy because I played it just for for's also on my current 'fave' list, too. Beautiful recording with just the right amount of edge.

HuDost- Royal Mountain/Trapeze/Open Sesame
HuDost describes her music as Country and Eastern, which I like ...this song is true and good.

Underwhelmed- Freak/Reveal
This is what rock is supposed to sound like. Good job!

Next Week: I won't be on-air. I'll be in-flight!



what? if i was a female in the ages of 30-40 after listening to the music that you played..want to fuck you till you limped..stupid girl.

Allan said...

'Stupid Girl' by Garbage is one of my favorite songs.

secret agent woman said...

Whoa - I can't believe someone would bow out of meeting you because of which songs you chose. That's bizarre.

Allan said...

It's my payback for being an asshole.

AC@46 said...

hey at least you aren't Adult Comtemporary

Allan said...


angel said...

Dude, I dunno how anyone could lable your tastes mainstream!
And that chick who now doesn't want to meet you...? She clearly is clueless and has no taste.