Friday, July 31, 2009

Shameless Plugging Made Easy

This is the first in what might become a regular feature: Music that you can listen to- on this website!

I must note that many music folks who find this blog assume that I am a 'podcaster', but I am not- I am a FM radio DJ at a very small LPFM station, I have a two hour show that broadcasts live every Saturday at 1pm USA EST and streams here.

In any case, I did experiment with posting songs once...I used my own compositions and a sidebar player that was set to 'self-delete' if a certain number (14) days passed without a 'hit'...well, it lasted a fortnight, is what.

But this is different. For one thing, the music is better. Some of the songs might be a little long for some tastes, but I have a real weakness for psychedelic rock, UK style, done with a clean, jazzy approach and a keen awareness of stereo placement. Gong, Hawkwind and Pink Floyd are bands that come to mind...

Let me introduce Cary Grace and her new CD 'Perpetual Motion' . If you click the link, you'll have access to the entire CD:
<a href="">The Scarab by Cary Grace</a>

I'm going to label it 'Listen Up' and hopefully I'll continue to add new players to the list... for numerous reasons, I will only post material that bands send to send me stuff!



i need to get speakers for my computer..i had borrowed babs to watch season 3 of dexter and was amazed at how well i could hear everything..they only cost about $12-13..and they make such a difference..sigh*

angel said...

What an awesome song! I look forward to more of these.

Sling said...

Very nice!
I like everything about it.