Sunday, August 09, 2009

Bitter Late Than Never

Deep in the bowels of Chicago's Millennium Park there is a sign reading : "Amplifier Room".

Underneath the raised lettering, the message is repeated in braille for the benefit of the sight-impaired, although I'm not sure how they expect a blind person to get close enough to the Amp Room to 'read' the sign -I had to hop over two sets of locked gates and sneak down several small flights of stairs just to take this pic!

Anyway, the Bureau called me last week and told me that operations are running behind schedule and that I don't need to report to training hiring has been postponed. No further information available at this time.

We finished two months ahead of schedule- which is why we got laid-off in the first place- and now operations are so far behind schedule that we can't even begin our training on time?

If it weren't for Saturdays...

The New Breakfast Snob , August 1, 2009: Anything's Possible

Atomic Hooligan- Seven-Ten Split/You Are Here
Ashlee Rose- Devil's Town
Frank Black-Johnny BarleyCorn/Fast Raider Man/Back Porch

Cary Grace- Amber/MendipRock
Manda Mosher- Keeps On Turning/MM
Cafebar 401- Hesitation/Full Pro Disco

Astronauts of Antiquity- Everywhere/Rocket Science/RevCon
Underwhelmed- Freak (Like Me) /Reveal
Scream Daisy-Learn To Fight/Second Album
A'tris-An Evening Out/EP

Patty Hurst Shifter- Promiscuous/Coma La Grava/Pants on Fire
Cage the Elepahant- No Rest For The Wicked/Back Against the Wall
Southern Backtones- They'll Never Come Between.../SB
Jenn Cleary Band- Doesn't Make Sense
Southern Culture On The Skids/No Longer A Sweetheart/YepRoc

Arvel Bird-Crow
Lisa Bianco- Post Data-We Communicate/Post Data
Chris Huff-Then We're Dead/ Death and Texas/Huffmusic

Azzdine w/Bill Laswell-Srir F'al Houbb
Area 27-Intergalactic
Nijole Sparkis- Parallel Universe

Monacy- Omar
Omar Alexander-Stolen From Me/Soulare

Lou Reed-The Gun/Blue Mask
Clara Bellino- Peaceful Solution/Embarcado Love
Monika Jalili- Biya Bare Safar Bandim/Elan
Peter Bayreuther- Sister Harmony

The New Breakfast Snob, August 8th , 2009: Hard To Follow

Seleato Selota- Tshwana
Salsa Celtica- An Cailleach
The Frames- Monument
Cary Grace- Scarab -Perpetual Motion

Emmylou Harris- Here I am/Stumble Into
Alan Parsons- You Lie Down With Dogs/Eve

Dare Dukes- Kick and Holler/Prettiest Tramsitter
Jon Prophet- As Good As Your Yesterday
Joan As Policewoman- Holiday
Jim Protector- Jim Protector's Guide To Self-Pity

So Much Left To Say- Nicholas Howard
Stephen Luke- No Man's Land/NML/Sweet Lucy
Bob McSweeney- Blisters on My Soul
Ashlee Rose- Soul Survivor/Iron Rose

Jeannine Hebb- The Only Ones/tltcmn/
Aphrodesia- Think/Suffer- Precious Commodity
Cat Dail- Squeeze Your Play
Monacy- Orbit- Intensely Casual
Kalliopoli- Yoo-Hoo

Sound of The Blue Heart-The Poisoning/Winds of Change
Marianne Faithfull- Bored By Dreams/A Secret Life

Garbage- The Trick Is To Keep Breathing/2.0
Carrie Rodriguez- Dirty Leather/SAOAB/
Stefanie Seskin- Chill Now/Edge of Reason
Bitter Tears- Slay The Heart of Earth

Kaiser Cartel- Carroll Street Station/New Promo
Manda Mosher- Keeps On Turning
Cafebar 401- From Now On
Zen Tricksters- Last Ten Years
Monika Jalili- Biya Bare Safar Bandim/Elan


Enemy of the Republic said...

Thank you for the homage to my city. By the way, have you heard the soundtrack from True Blood? What do you think of the music? You can check it out on Amazon if you don't own it or wish to own it.

NYD said...

After that hurculean effort you should have at least smashed down the door and entered the sacred realm of aural amplification.

secret agent woman said...

Ya think maybe the Braille sign is for the times when they don't have the locked gates up?

Government agencies - the right hand never knows what the left hand is doing.


you did all that and then didn't go in?..
jeez, them gubernut people are sure wakko..

chicago is pretty

billy pilgrim said...

i'm sticking with underwhelmed, freak like me has embedded itself in my brain. and i like it.

i'd think they'd want to speed up the hiring process to put a dent in the unemployment numbers.