Thursday, July 16, 2009

This Can Wait

I'm packed. I don't need luggage but I'm carrying a bag to avoid suspicion...seriously, I'm going to visit my twin brother, who is something of a thrift-store clotheshorse, though he might deny that. Now that I'm slim, his clothes fit me; all I need is a book and a toothbrush...and I found some chewing gum with caffeine in it, which will serve double duty as breath-masking agent for the peanuts that I have stowed for covert snacking . Color me scofflaw.

I got lucky with one of my recent "expert" PC experiments and was able to recover a great many "lost" files, including a few from my 2002 Chicago vacation...I especially like the one below , which has been on my sidebar as a thumbnail forever and a modified form of which was going to be the cover of my solo CD, 'Extinction'. I spent three years recording that CD but never released it .

In hindsight it is probably a good thing, because it's a pretty glum, painful and sometimes atonal unmasterpiece.

I wanted to see if I could write all the songs for, play all the parts on ,and record all the tracks of an entire CD in my bedroom using 1980's technology . It turned out that I could indeed record an entire CD- two or three, really- just not a good one. The production is pretty good for a bedroom "studio", though...I give myself that much.

Anyway, I'm glad I got my pictures back. I'll have new ones soon.

Be good, y'all.


yinyang said...

Have fun visiting your brother. Hope you don't get caught eating peanuts on the plane, and then get arrested by Homeland Security and sent to a secret torture camp... or whatever it is they do when people bring peanuts onto planes.

Allan said...

You pretty much nailed it, policy-wise.

mbmb said...

Looking forward to your *new* pictures. Glad you could get your old ones back. Have a great time and forget everything least for a couple of days. You're are lucky to have a twin! Most people don't as you already know.


have fun, and kiss you'r brother for me..
yeah, for saving the pictures...dang, im gonna miss ya

NYD said...

I am glad to hear that you recovered your pictures. I recently lost about a decads worth of photos through my own stupidity.

Don't eat peanuts if they give you gas for Homeland security frowns on any kind of biological agent being released on "their" planes.

Craig D said...

Oh, baby! I hear ya on that "bedroom recording" stuff.

I don't know how many tracks I recorded on my Yamaha 4 track cassette deck "back in tha day" but the mind boggles at the hours I will never have back from all that over-dubbing!

Have fun in Chi-Town, pal!

angel said...

You're taking your own peanuts!?!?!?? Can't you open the little packets provided on the plane?

secret agent woman said...

Oh, all this time I thought those were elephants in that picture. Which left me a litle confused about why it was "elephants back and forth" instead of camels.