Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Never Mind: Return To Fuck

I have an uncanny knack for making things that are true become untrue by simply mentioning them. Anything I say -or even think- becomes an instant jinx.

For instance, yesterday I said that I was happy. I said that because it was true.
There was a slightly painful, but entirely reasonable "bummer" moment , but I didn't let it ruin my day...I mean, the sun didn't fall out of the sky or anything.


This morning, I checked my bank account and I really didn't like the numbers that I saw- something bad had happened to my checking account. What?

The Federal Government- the same one that laid me off from work- has decided that it paid me too much money for the work I did for them, so they reached into my bank account and took what they considered to be fair.

I don't think it's fair.

I called the office and actually reached someone I knew...she said they were doing it to everybody, that HQ had made a payroll error at some undisclosed point in the past and they were in the process of fixing it. I'd be getting a certified letter explaining it all.

Great. I have no job, I'm living on unemployment benefits and now Uncle Sam has decided that I need to pay for his sloppy-ass book-keeping.



Craig D said...

Mind-boggling, my friend!

Can't wait for my separation shenanigans to begin...

(One fellow was terminated and later told by the company that he owed them for the days they paid him for but didn't work. This was after he had been told that he WOULD be paid for the remainder of the week. AH-OOGAH!)

angel said...



holy shit~...I'd sit your ass down at the computer and whip out an email to Obama and explain every thing to him from day one to day last..including the retrieving of funds..then I'd sue someone..or kick someones ass...dont take this sitting down...fight i say..the squeaky wheel gets oiled first.

Allan said...

We signed papers, it's all legal...they overpaid a few cents at a time over a long period and now they take it all back at once.

NYD said...

They just reached into your pocket and took the money???

That is a whole bunch of bullshit.
You ought to go to the bank and raise hell. Not even the Govt. is allowed access to your funds without your permission.

That's a fact Jack!

yinyang said...

Fuck, indeed. It sucks that you're being effected (affected?) by somebody's mistake like this.

Allan said...

They paid us too much. Now we have to give it back. There's nothing to fight.

Craig D said...

Well, I certainly hope they don't cheat themselves out of the interest you are sure to owe them!

secret agent woman said...

This is why never give anyone access to my bank account, not even for direct deposit. That shouldn't be aloowed to happen without your censent.