Tuesday, July 07, 2009

What Could Go Wrong?

I have tried 'dating' on craigslist before, and came perilously close to succeeding...until my paramour-to-be sent me a pic , displaying her girl-mullet.

Yesterday, I told a friend that I was gonna ease up on 'rules' when it come to dating in the future, but I had forgotten the mullet incident when I said that...no mullets. Rule One.

That being said, I'm desperate as motherfuck. Biology has swept shame under the rug and once again I find myself scraping the bottom of the mating barrel - craigslist personals. A quick scan of ads revealed that just about everybody wants "honesty and sincerity" from their mate.

Me, I'm pretty sure that's asking too much- and if you get it, you may wish you hadn't. I'm no expert, but I imagine a successful relationship involves a great deal of unspoken, reciprocated compromise.

Anyway, this is the ad I posted this morning:

Doubting The Honest Approach - 42 (Richmond)

Reply to: pers-vrcnn-1257335022@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-07-07, 8:07AM EDT

Well...my platonic female friend suggested that I be honest, so here goes:

I'd sure like to meet an intelligent woman in my approximate age group (30-40ish) with some shared interests (I like music -listening and playing- reading,writing, cooking and humor)...and honestly, I'd like to become casual, friendly lovers, except that after a week or two I'd probably fall hopelessly in love with you, which would either make you really happy or really miserable, depending on how you felt about me at the time.

So much for honesty, eh?

If you are still reading, I'm a musician/ radio dj/office gypsy/freelance dilettante , so I'm not exactly rich, but I can afford coffee or lunch if you'd like some company and maybe some laughs...because honestly, if you're 42 years old and looking for love on craigslist, you darn sure better have a sense of humor. And I do.


Guess what? My inbox is rockin'! I have 10 replies so far! I probably won't get laid, but I made a lot of people laugh, so that's worth something, right?


angel said...

I love it! I woulda so replied as well as laughed had I been in that pool.
I decided to take myself off the internet dating game when... well... I joined up, got a ton of responses and chatted a bit, then put up what I thought was a flattering picture and got nothing thereafter!
Talk about embarrassing.
I hope you have fun Allan!

AC@46 said...

good luck .. enjoy

billy pilgrim said...

would you mind if i used your ad?


I'm not even in that age group and I'd reply to that ad...

secret agent woman said...

That's a fantastic ad. First of all, it will screen out the humorless and dumb. So useful in that way alone. And it seems likely that the sort of woman who will respond (excluding those who respond to EVERYTHING)will have real potential. I have to tell you, I have ever seen an ad like that on Craig's list is this area. All the ads are either whiny, narcissitic or both. Or worse, contain a photo of more than I need to know about a man before the first date.

Allan said...

I sure have learned a lot today. More to follow...

whimsical brainpan said...