Friday, September 04, 2009

Stripe the Cat

My cat's brain is roughly the same size as a walnut, yet he innately understands that you cannot be confined by a cage built of shadows. You simply get up and walk through the bars .

If you want to.

I can sense the cage behind doesn't exist, yet it's still there. Escape is easy-I'm already free. I'll remain free even if I choose not to move- but immobility is a horrible waste of freedom.

At the moment, I'm looking back but I'm also moving forward. I am piecing together the flotsam and debris of my former life and finding that there are few bits of treasure hidden in the rubble.
This is not something that I could have, nor would have, done on my own.

Someone had to help me and encourage me. I'm not afraid to admit that. I'm incredibly grateful for the support and courage lent to me by many of my friends here ...and especially so to my newest friend, who is not a blogger at all, although some of you may have met via my radio show.

Yes, I'm being deliberately cryptic, but not for any of the obvious or traditional reasons for doing so.
There's nothing to hide.
But there's also no need to explain.

I am understood. That says it all.



Mary Beth said...

You are a good man. Don't let anyone tell you different. True friends are hard to find and I think you are true to your friends. That is a great quality.

Keep that good feeling going!

secret agent woman said...

A good weekend to celebrate your freedom. And being understood is a wonderful thing.

Donn said...


It's so refreshing to find nice people like you who are making this planet a better place.

We are our mind. In the end it doesn't matter whether or not the wires are connected differently...those of us who care to take the time to understand ourselves and others experience a far richer reward than those who choose to take and take and take.

I for one am glad to have known you and your honest approach to sharing your journey. It is exactly what I wanted to find when I started blogging.
Thank You.

Craig D said...

A cage made of shadows?

That's good stuff!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Donn & Craig D!!

Allan said...

MB- Thank you. You've been good to me.

S- I agree.

D- Thank you, that means a lot, especially from you- I love your perspectifications! The Universe loves you.

CD- I have deep space between my ears.

A- Sending good vibes across the planet to ya!