Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A Universal Note

Hello. This is the Universe speaking to you, but you may address me as 'U' if you wish.

Now that we are all here (we are everywhere), please be seated and remain quiet while I try to answer some of your questions. I'm afraid to admit this, but I'm thousands of years behind on my correspondence, so please bear with me as I try to catch up.


Our first question comes from the pre-historic dawn of human sentience and was submitted long before the invention of language...loosely translated, it would read as:

"Are you out to destroy me?"

Oh, please. The person who originally asked this question has been dead so long that they've become petroleum...do I really have to answer this?

Look, it's nothing personal, it's just that eventually I wind up destroying everything- and that includes you. After I destroy, I create; it's part of my job,which can be dreadfully tedious at times. Can we move along now?

Our next question dates back to the same era as the previous query and it asks:

"Why am I here?"

I'm asking myself the same question, so don't come looking to me for answers on this one.
Seriously, I am infinite and you are not; as far as I'm concerned, you aren't here. If you can find an answer that suits you, feel free to use it as best you can, but don't expect me to do your thinking for you.

"What kind of music do you play?"

I have no answer for that. You'll have to listen.

The New Breakfast Snob: Saturday, Sept. 5, 2009

Hawkwind- Lost Johnny
This is where Motorhead came from. The universe won't be the same without Lemmy, but then again, he may out-live everything.

Cary Grace -Vanishing
Brand-new psyche single from the UK rocks my whirled, appearing here for the first time and dedicated to memories of the future.

Can- Halleluwah
Old-school krautrock. Those drums...can you play that beat?

Grace Slick & Paul Kantner- Sketches of China
Ex-Jefferson Airplane couple went semi-solo and sincerely psychedelic...Jerry Garcia makes a cameo on my show! (Shhhh...let it be our secret)

Gong- You Can't Kill Me
Only you can prevent forest fires.

Cold Sun- South Texas
This one crawled out of Austin in 1970 and vanished into an empty elevator shaft, mysteriously re-appearing on air, here and now. (Here and Now is next week.)

Underwhelmed- Freak (Like Me)
Are you a mess like me? Take notes.

Megaphone- Write It Down
If you are going to petition the universe, do it with guitars.

Underwhelmed- Angel
Operator error produces lucky mistake, giving me a chance to dedicate this rocker retroactively to my friend Angel.

Ross Phazor- You'll Never Change
Ain't that the truth! I like this catchy Boston-based band and that hasn't changed ...anyone know what a Ross Phazer is? Ross Phazor knows.

Jethro Tull- Sunshine Day
I think this single the first Tull recording ever released...a mis-print edition exists which credits 'Jethro Toe'. Ha!

Jeannine Hebb- Things Haven't Been So Bad Lately
NYC singer-songwriter sums it all up quite well and displays remarkable range while doing so.

The Old Haunts- Poisonous Times
The guitars are having allergic reactions, which is the only sensible thing to do,given the times.

88 Sundays- Way Back Home
Sometimes you just gotta bang head. Ooomph, California-style.

XTC- War Dance
Have I mentioned that I'm totally against escalating the war in Afghanistan?
Declare victory, come home. Now.

Aphrodesia- Merit Badge
Great global pop with a conscience and a groove. We should all be so lucky.

Guiltless Cult- What Do I Have to Say?
It's not what you say, it's who you say it to.

Ace No Face- Regret
The first time I heard this, the words wrapped themselves around my heart. Still do.

Stefanie Seskin- Your Own Road
That is really good advice. Drive carefully.

Ashlee Rose- Ride With Me
There are no safety belts on this ride.

Chris Huff- Lost In The Mausoleum
I only recently noticed the wonderful bits of controlled chaos sprinkled on this song. Well done!

Scream Daisy- Bees
A Maltese regular here.

Joe Strummer & Mescaleros- Get Down Moses
The universe is poorer without Joe.

Bob Marley- Night Shift
Another dead prophet. One of my old bands did a heavy-metal cover of this song, which is sorta embarrassing to admit...butchery, it was.

Spy For Hire-Motorcycle
Wear a helmet and obey traffic signals. Or not. But do it loud.

Area 27- Intergalatic
Great track produced by collective artists...wish I knew more...listen for yourself.

Service Industry- Churchy
Great name, great song...fun!

Danielle Dax- When I Was Young
Dedicated to the original Breakfast Snob, Michael Hawkesworth, who turned me onto a new world of great music when I was young. Where is he? Where is Dax?

Bowfin- Dungeons and Dragons
Playing Dungeons and Dragons made a man out of me.



yinyang said...

This was the first show I caught in a while, and it was great.

The U is wise.

billy pilgrim said...

maybe you can ask the universe how in the world grace slick made it to 70 years of age.

schlep said...

Poor Danielle Dax suffers from that malady, I can't remember what it's called, where everything makes you allergic and tired. The Yuppie Flu, aka.
Have you ever heard her first band The Lemon Kittens? You need to.
Nice show once again, I've been throbbing along with Hawkwind myself, this week.

secret agent woman said...

Of course in your top three questions to the Universe, there is one about music!

Allan said...

YY- Thanks tuning in! It makes me happy to know that you like it!

BP- I never ask the universe anything, but I am holding onto my mental image of GS, circa 1969.

S- Got Kittens? Thanks for the words- Hawkwind has been a recurring theme lately. Space is deep.

SAW- Those aren't my questions, I'm just the messenger.

Craig D said...

You're probably wondering why I'm here. Well, so am I. So am I.

angel said...

So... are you "U"?

And was that for me? Its a cool song too! Awesome guitar about halfway too. Real old school "metal".