Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Troubleshoot Me In The Head

Vista 64-Bit sure is an interesting OS. I  can have  numerous  Office 2007 applications open, read email, surf the net, play music and talk on Skype simultaneously - but I can't cut and paste text from Notepad  without causing my motherboard to have a grande mal seizure and shut down completely.

Don't get me wrong- I love my new PC, it was dirt-cheap and it is quite powerful- but it is hard to love it if it won't boot, which is what happened to me today...my PC would power-up , but Vista wouldn't load.

So I went into my BIOS settings and found that my PC was trying to boot from my A: drive (floppy)- which would be fine, except that my PC doesn't even  have an A:drive. Who uses 3.5" floppy discs anymore?

In 'My Computer' there is an icon for an A:Drive, but it doesn't physically exist and clicking on that icon...well, it's a bad thing.

Anyway, I told the motherboard to use the DVD drive, then I turned it off and waited a few anxious minutes...

Yes! It worked.
Worked again. Good. So far , the only data I seem to have lost is what I had open at the time- a Notepad text file and an audio file of the jackhammers that woke me up in the morning.

I was going to post a dozen or so palliative tips for Vista sufferers, but now I have a feeling that one of my 'improvements' may have inadvertently changed my system's device boot order- and I wouldn't recommend  mucking about in your system BIOS unless you know what you are doing...and the really fun thing is, each motherboard model has a slightly different BIOS environment...I enter mine by pounding the  'delete' key immediately after powering up, but for some systems it's F11...or F5...no uniformity.

Hmmm...I uploaded a picture an hour or so earlier (above) and now I cannot upload any more pics...I get a 'failed' message. Is this a Blogger problem, an issue with my PC and/or connectivity or does the Interweb just hate my pictures?

So...I'm going to post this, along with the playlists from my last two radio shows, and then I am going to check as many settings as I can find, reboot and try again.

See ya in a few years.

[Edit: I can upload pics to Facebook, so I think it's a Blogger problem. First time for everything, eh?]

[Special OCD edit: It works now.]

Above: Home recording in progress. The PC is working again, it is time to play.


Adriana-- Garden of Sin
Norine Braun- Evolution of The Blood Star
Cursive- I Couldn't Love You Anymore
Peter Bayreuther- Sister Harmony

XTC- Smartest Monkey
T.Rex- Chrome Sitar
Kalliopi- Yoo Hoo
Carrie Rodriguez- Dirty Leather
Cary Grace- Undertow
Damien Dempsey- Your Pretty Smile
Area 27- Wild Card
Rodriguez- Crucify Your Mind
Crazy Aunt Mary- Indian Hills

special guest DJ spot by my friend Kevin :

Caribou-Melody Day
Super Furry Animals-ymaelodi a'r ymylon
Can-One More Night
Radiohead-Meeting in the Aisle
Stardeath and White Dwarfs-The Birth/Those Who Are From the Sun Return to the Sun
Brant Bjork-Electric Lalli Land
Jeff Beck-Loose Cannon
Zen Guerilla-Pins and Needles
Swell-oh My My
Jethro Tull-Wond'ring Aloud
Macha-The Buddah Nature
Warren Zevon-The Overdraft


Garbage-Can't Cry These Tears
Kaiser Cartel-Okay
The Duhks-95 South
Zerfas-You'll Never Win
The Frames-Lay Me Down
The Pretty Things-She's A Lover
The Band-Don't Do It
Clannad-In Fortune's Hands
Beauregard Ajax-Take You Far Away
Ross Phazor-You'll Never Change
Cat Dail- Think of a Story
Richard Thompson-Never Give It Up
Cary Grace-Vanishing (Single)
Tadpoles-Sunrise Ocean Bender
Kinski-All Your Kids Have Turned to Static
Swell-Sunshine Everyday
Stefanie Seskin- Nasty

Chris Huff- For The Trees
Anouschka- Good Girl Gone Bad

Goldfrapp- Utopia
Jim Protector- The Distance
Joan as Policewoman- Holiday



swoosh..right over my head..ha..glad its working..probably bloger it sucks.

angel said...

Awesome lists dude!

secret agent woman said...

Ya know, I just want my computer to work. Is that too much to ask?

Allan said...

SAW- Yes.

beth said...

I have not had any problems with my Vista PC. Although, I have to admit I had to let go of the idea I was in control. After I just let the computer decide what to do, it seemed to work fin.