Friday, January 15, 2010

Plague Signs

This sign has been displayed in the bakery department of my local supermarket for over a week.
"Picks, Kits, Plague  $1.00  Wow!"


I think a dollar is a bit steep for plague. Frankly, I wouldn't pay a dime for that stuff. I imagine that I'll probably get it for free after another week of riding the bus. There seem to be a lot of sick people these days.

Me, I'm sick of signs. I especially loathe signs that attempt to correct misbehavior by conspicuously posting rules and regulations. This approach rarely works...I mean, the dude that is breaking the rules already knows that he is breaking the rules and he isn't going to let a mere sign stop him from doing so.

In fact, he might even think it's funny.

Meanwhile, the folks who are already following the rules  feel as if they have been upbraided for something they didn't do. I can't speak for anyone else, but that sort of thing really pisses me off.

I mean, I understand toilets and how they are used. It would never even occur to me to place any sort of paper into a urinal -  until this sign planted the idea in my head. It  also provided me with the paper that I needed in order to break the rule.

Bad  sign.


secret agent woman said...

Maybe you could buy a bit of plague to have around fro comparison purposes - so when someone says " the plague" you can see how accurate that is.

angel said...

Now thats exactly what a rebelious rule breaker would do with a sign like that!


i like the WOW! at the end of the you have to be told this is a great*
the minute someone tells me not to...i do it..