Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good Job!

                                 -Blame the black dude

 By now you have probably heard about the heat that Michael Steele is taking over revelations of a recent party-sponsored Republican recruiting trip to a bondage-themed Hollywood strip club. A Republican fund-raiser named Erik Brown billed $1,950 to the GOP for 'entertainment' at an adult club and the moral stalwarts at the GOP reimbursed him. Naturally, this payment was canceled  after the story broke in the media.

                                    -Republican strippers
The story has raised a few questions but I have one of my own: So what?

I don't think it's fair to strip Mr. Brown of his expense account reimbursements, nor do I think it is fair to pillory Michael Steele for letting the Republican party suffer yet another embarrassing exposure as the moral hypocrites that they are.

First off, $2,000 really doesn't go that far in a high-end titty bar, so Mr. Brown's expense charge was hardly lavish. Secondly and most importantly, choosing to entertain prospects at such a club demonstrates remarkable skill and efficiency on the part of Mr. Brown; he should be praised and rewarded by his bosses for being so good at his job. I mean, an upscale sex club is the ideal place to recruit young Republicans- why waste time and money trying to recruit from the general public when he can find the perfect demographic- male, misogynistic, moneyed and drunk- tightly gathered in one dark place? In any case, it is the perfect venue for wooing prospective party members; a strip club is a microcosmic simulation of neocon New World Nirvana:  it's a man's world where money is the only motivator, women are objects that have no say and the minorities are there to do the fighting if things get ugly. You aren't gonna find much support for that agenda on the campus of most intellectually elite universities, but you will find it in a sex club. "Join us and  one day the whole world will be like this", would be a good come-on line.

Mr. Brown simply knew where to look for recruits  and now he's in trouble for doing his job. Tsk.

And is there anyone who hasn't noticed that GOP Chairman Michael Steele is an obviously token Black Fall Guy for Everything Wrong That Can't Be Blamed On Obama? If a white man had caused half the scandal and embarrassment that Steele had, he'd have been kicked out of the Party and be working as a commentator on Fox News by now, but the GOP uses Steele's visible incompetence as counterpoint to Obama's  smooth coolness; plus the Republicans can now blame black men for destroying both major American political parties. If that were true, it would be a great achievement...but it is not true.

I wonder if the Tea Bagger party will offer to take me to a sex club?  I hope not. I hate trailer parks.

            -I wish the parties were this fragile.


Anonymous said...

I'm not terribly clued up on American politics Al, but I find your posts immensely entertaining!

Cary said...

Idea: replace all of the politicians with strippers, and see if anybody notices. Many of the same skills are involved.

secret agent woman said...

So it seems okay to you the Republicans are raising money by taking people to an establishment that degrades women? You think no criticism is deserved here? This has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with that party's blatant disregard for women.

Allan said...

A- Politics are pretty much the same everywhere.

C- It might have happened.

SAW- It is sarcasm.

billy pilgrim said...

it's the old misdirection trick. get everyone looking at the juicy story about $1950 and no one will notice the billions going out the back door.

Allan said...

Yep, that too. In fact, there's so much wrong with this story and its underpinnings that it makes me ill to think about. It's gotten worse since I wrote that.

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