Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Machines

Hot buttered diggity!  The Monday Machines CD ships Saturday, pre-orders and downloadable versions are available here: Monday Machines Album.  The CD is available in a hand-printed  special edition (see link for details) , limited to the first 50 copies, so pre-order and reserve one today!

There's also a full line of Monday Machines merchandise and memorabilia  magnificently  marketed   mmmhere.

Most of the music on the CD was recorded in England by Cary Grace (vocals, keyboards, guitars, more) with the help of the rhythm section (Andy Budge:bass, David Payne: drums) from her 2009 double-CD release Perpetual Motion, one of my favorite records of last year.
 My guitars, my vocals and  the bulldozer parts were recorded here in America by me. The entire project was mixed and produced by Cary. She also did the artwork and design for the CD cover and lyric booklet.

How to describe the music? It doesn't really sound like Jefferson Airplane jamming with NEU! with equipment on loan from Pink Floyd and  drugs supplied by Sonic Youth- but if you like those bands, you'll almost certainly like the Monday Machines.

(Hammer and screwdriver not included with mug or CD purchase. See instruction booklet for details.)



can't wait..

angel41222 said...

Ooh ooh! Gotta check it out!

nadine r said...

i want to own a copy of the CD; i don't want to download. (i grew up with LPs. i like to hold it in my hand...)

CDs ship from the UK? I missed the shipping cost to the US then. Or do you have a few that you're selling from the US?

Cary said...

Hi Nadine,

I'm making all the CD packaging here (by hand), so, yes, the CDs do ship from the UK.

If you click the red "Buy Now" on the album page, postage and packing costs are displayed in the window that pops up. It's £2.50 (about $3.75) for a single disc, and £0.50 (about $0.75)for additional copies ordered together.

Hope that helps!

Any questions, you can get in touch with me directly and I'll be happy to assist. Just email:

sales [ at ]

Allan said...

I just got mine. It's awesome. I'm a happy man.