Friday, October 29, 2010

You Really Believe That?

Do you think President Obama is a fascist?

There are people who do. Here are some examples of folks expressing their opinions about the President:

Among other things, Hitler started a World War and was responsible for the racially-motivated murder of over six million innocent Jews and "mud people". Men, women and children. Gassed, slaughtered by the millions.

Can you seriously equate the actions and policies of Adolph Hitler with Obama's health care plan?  I'm not totally enthusiastic about his reform myself , but equating it with Hitler is just plain stupid and it's pretty fucking offensive too. Do you paint swastikas on State Farm offices because you have to buy auto insurance? Not cool.

Next we see an example of why we should be willing to spend more money on our children's  education. Me, I don't have any children but I don't mind at all if my tax dollars go towards public education. Hell,  I'd be glad to pay a 5 or 10 percent Smart Tax if it would guarantee an end to sorry displays like this one:

If we could afford to teach basic civics, history and government in our schools, our kids might learn enough to know  that Communism and Nazism are two different things and that historically the two philosophies didn't get along very well. Perhaps they'd understand that you can't be  Socialist-Communist-Nazi all at once. Pick one and add fascism, if you must. You'll still be wrong about our  President but at least you'll sound slightly coherent.

And then there are the idiots with their Birther nonsense:

Ahem. He can't be a Socialist-Communist-Nazi-Muslim either . No one can.

Where do these people get their information? These bizarre accusations seem to lack a basic historical, social and political context in which to exist, yet they continue to show up, nearly verbatim, crowd after crowd, rally after rally.

What these signs really say is: I'm A Completely Stupid Tinfoil Asshat.

But hey, it's a free country. If you want to, you can draw Hitler mustaches on the President's photo and wave it around. You'll look like an unlearned imbecile, but that is your right. The fact that you can draw Hitler mustaches on the President proves that we don't live in a fascist state.

A fascist state wouldn't allow for much in the way of public protests. If a Fascist allowed you protest, it would be from behind a concrete-and-barbed wire enclosure hundreds of yards from whatever it was that you were protesting. Afterward, you'd probably be arrested.

But that could never happen here. Until it does again, anyway.


billy pilgrim said...

well said.

i guess people believe what they want to believe and toss logic out the window. the vatican has been laughing all the way to the bank exploiting this little human quirk.

Craig D said...

You nailed it, but the folks who need to understand this willfully refuse to.

I've had one long-term friendship go down the toilet over it.

secret agent woman said...

I despair. I truly do.

Susan said...

Asshatism has become the new American identity. I didn't realize until today how much the elections upset me: I expected the Republicans to win, I expected that they would feed off everyone's fear, I expected that more of the images you posted would arise. It just makes me really sick and yes, I feel despair too.

Angel said...
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Angel said...

As always, Al- a fascinating bit of insight.
As you do, I desperately wish we had more inteligent voters here in South Africa. Despite our government proving to us time and again that they are a stupid and corrupt bunch of crooks, they get voted back into power time and again.