Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dig it Forward

You did what?

A registry cleaner? What did you go and use that for? I might have been able to fix your computer before that, but now my advice to you  is for you  to find a large hole in the ground and throw your computer into it.

You'd be surprised at how many problems that fixes.

The New Breakfast Snob, Nov. 27th 2010

Podcast available here: here.

Lee Abramson - Shalom 
I've been a fan of Lee's since hearing his Ace No Face CD. Lee has ALS but he doesn't let that keep him from rocking and writing.

Cryan Shames- Sugar and Spice

Anyone who thinks music was better in the Sixties should listen to this. It's pretty awful, really, but it does have some historical significance. Played off the original vinyl promo LP.

James Fairs- Nu Bluz

James Fairs was a founding member of the Cryan Shames and is currently a museum computerist in Chicago- and his new music is good. 

s.maharba - Stems

This artist released a cassette back in 2008. A cassette! If I had a copy, I could listen to it in my car.

Area 27-Intergalactic

One of my favorite bands of all time. I don't know anything about them.

Jane Lui-Jailcard

 Ooops. I called her 'Janet' on the broadcast...this song wasn't what I expected. The promo looked a bit like Sailor Moon, but this isn't that at all.

Fred Frith- Spring Any Day-
It is always springtime in Sweden. Unless it isn't.

F/i- Using Enemy Weapons
 Milwaukee's best space-rock band. Expect more.
Robert Fripp- Chicago

From Fripp's 1979 solo LP, Exposure. 
Android Lust- Intimate Stranger

I hope that is chocolate.

Liars -Goodnight Everything

Dig this band. I do.

8-minute bonus track from their latest CD.

Bebop Deluxe- Swan Song
Bill Nelson wore makeup.

Aid Fantasm- Hidden

 This is different. I will play more on Christmas.

Speck Mountain- I Feel Eternal

This excellent band is from the Chicago area. 
Mr. Gnome- Devil Be Gone

New to me, this song found my ears in a receptive mood. Just what the Devil ordered!

Monday Machines- Alive

This is one of UK musician-producer  Cary Grace's projects. I'm in it too!
Heather Edwards- Transalgia

Heather looks like someone I work with. Except that Heather rocks and my co-worker doesn't.

Al Stewart-Palace of Versailles

Al is a brainy dude.

Moody Blues- For My Lady

La, la, la.

For A Minor Reflection- Flod

This is 'post-rock'? I guess 'post-rock' is OK, then, because this is really good. Dude's wah-wah guitar  sounds like me, though...just sayin'.

Tranquility Bass- Five Miles High

My brother gave me this CD back in 1998-99ish. Sounds like a lot of 2010 releases, but better.

Papadosio- Snorkle

Math lessons.

Steve Hillage- Searching For The Spark

"Rise above the pain and sorrow of frequent failure!"

Whew...that was a good one. Hope you enjoyed it. I've put up a few other recent broadcast recordings, you can find them here: New Breakfast Snob podcasts.

Bye for now. Beware of giant holes!


Craig D said...

My computer at work has finally died. Yes, there was some last-ditch registry cleaning involved.

Looks like there's room in that ditch for another dead trailing-edge PC.



my computer keeps freezing up and is driving me nuts..ran all the virus tests, scans.etc..still does it..sigh*

Angel said...

I have been tempted to throw my laptop in a ditch somewhere...