Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Whoa Oh

It's 9 PM and I've managed to talk myself out of doing almost everything that I can think of.

I could play guitar for a bit, but I just finished washing the dishes and my hands are still soft. Plus it is night-time and guitar isn't as much fun played through headphones. And I already played for an hour or so today. My thumb hurts. My nails are too long.

I could have written a song in the time that it took to list all the reasons for not playing one.

This weekend I cleaned out a couple closets and started sorting my books and comics into 'toss' and 'keep' piles.  I was happily amazed at the quantity and quality of my collection; I'd forgotten most of what was in there, so now the the 'keep' pile has a sub-pile called 'read'. I must have sold my crappy superhero books during a period of drunken unemployment (roughly 1997-2005) because all I found were the good stuff, a bunch of undergrounds and some Vertigo books. And some sci-fi novels I know that I read in the past but can't remember in the present. Good  stuff for re-reading.

Anyway, I would read one of them but my reading chair is downstairs and it is very cold down there. The lighting upstairs is dim and not good for reading and I would have to bring a lamp up here if I was going to read for long. And a chair. Plus I'd have to unplug one of my guitar devices to make room for the lamp. My hands are a bit damp and the risk of electrocution via mishandled electronics seems unreasonably high, so I've decided against reading.

I could have written a book in the time that it took me to decide not to read one.

I could play a video game. A friend gave me CivIV a few years ago and I still enjoy playing it. It reminds me a little bit of an old board game called Supremacy that we used to play back in the days when people still played games together in the same room. There are times when I really miss that. When I was kid, I was an avid Dungeons & Dragons player and no matter where I was living or going to school, there was always a gang of misfit D&D nerds to hang out with; it was like having instant friends wherever you went. 'IRL' friends, I mean. Friends who had  older sisters who would score pot for you and occasionally even makeout with you if you got them stoned enough.

Anyway, video games are a  waste of time and a poor substitute for old-fashioned gaming, so I decided against playing one.

All of a sudden I feel like blogging. But I have to get up early and go to work tomorrow and if I stay up all night writing, I'll feel like crap in the morning. And I have to do a lot of work before the holiday, since I have to take some extra time off or  lose my vacation days. It is hard for me to believe that I haven't used my annual allotment of vacation days yet. When I was drinking, I would have used them all in the first fortnight. And then gotten fired. But it has been well over five years since my last drink. I'm actually considering posting an ad for New Years Eve rides, offering drunk people a ride home for $50 a head. I've heard you can make $1,000 a night that way, tips included. I'm always sober and bored on New Years, so I might as well make a few bucks, right?

Well, damn. Look at the time. I would blog, but I have to set my alarm and go to bed.



billy pilgrim said...

i just passed the 5 year milestone too. when i was drinking i always had a back-up plan, quit drinking and everything would work out fine.

now i'm sober but lack a back-up plan. so it goes.


21 years in Nov. we should all go out and get drunk and celebrate or sobriety.

Angel said...

So when is your sobriety anniversary?

Craig D said...

Happy 2011.