Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The New Year Marathon

I feel almost guilty for saying this, but 2010 was a pretty good year for me. I was in love, I was finally in a band that released a real, honest-to-Godzilla professional CD (which you can buy for a dollar from my sidebar) and I found a real job with benefits and it even looks like there's room for advancement this year. Honestly, I'm not sure that I've ever had so many good things happen to me at one time as I did in 2010. I even won two fantasy football pools and made enough extra dosh for some coveted guitar pedals, which you can hear if you buy the CD,available for a dollar from my sidebar...or did I already say that?

But of course my luck wasn't meant to last. By 8:00pm on New Year's Eve things had mostly gone to shit, but at least I still have my job.

I got a double shot of the blues that night. I found out I'm being sued by a family member, which isn't quite as evil  as it sounds but was still  pretty bad and later on  I was emotionally devastated by some wrenching news from a once-close friend. I am not able to discuss details of either event, but suffice it to say that I thought I would be too devastated to do four consecutive hours of broadcast radio the very  next day.

I was wrong about that. There's strength in music and I was fine for the entire four-hour stretch.

First I had my own regular weekly show, The New Breakfast Snob, after which I guest-DJ'd our weekly 1980's showcase, Songs From The Big Hair. I managed to play the Wipers and the Carpenters on the same show without feeling ironic or cynical, which is saying something. Not sure what, but something.

Did I mention that my shows were 90% vinyl?  Or that you can download a stereo podcast recording of them? Download here.

My archive of shows can be found here.

The New Breakfast Snob: January 1, 2011


She's Gone- The Purrs
Blue Turns To Red/Goodbye,Goodbye/Goin'Downhill - Pretty Things
Someday - Ross Phazor
You're A Big Girl Now- Bob Dylan
Happy Love Song- Captain Beefheart
The Way I Feel-  Fairport Convention
Not The One  - Al Stewart
Bacharach-David Medley-   Carpenters
I Can't Get Adjusted To The You Who Got Adjusted To Me-   Katy Lee
Strong Simple Silences-   Peter Blegvad
This Broken Heart--  Funkadelic
No Fair-   The Wipers
Rambling monologue - Frames
Stay As Sick As You Are-   Katy Lee
How To Find True Love And Happiness-   The Stranglers
Break In The New Year-   Cursive
Tearstained Letter -  Richard Thompson
The Big Mistake-   Carrie Rodriguez
Guilt -   Marianne Faithfull
Que?/City of Lights-   Phil Manzenara/801
Hero and Heroine -  Strawbs
Mirage-   Pentangle
Woman on the Floor-   Michelle Malone-  Band du Soliel
Windowshop for Love-   The Wipers

Songs From The Big Hair : January 1st, 2011

Size 10 1/2 Sneaks-  Bill Frisell & Vernon Reid
All The Things That She Gave Me-  The Waterboys
To Raise The Morningstar-   Bruce Cockburn
Betrayed-   Lou Reed
Suicide-   Suzi Quatro
Catch Me Now I'm Falling-   The Kinks
Broken English-   Marianne Faithfull
I Bought Myself A Liarbird-   XTC
Man With An Open Heart -  King Crimson
Animated Doll-   Peter Blegvad
The Last Shot -  Lou Reed
Missie How You Let Me Down-   Richard Thompson
G-Spot Tornado-   Frank Zappa
Some Clouds Don't-   Fred Frith
Coming Apart-   Tom Verlaine
Nothing Left To Lose-   Dave Davies
Bitter End-   Pretty Things
Helter Skelter-   Pat Benatar
Paradise-  The Stranglers
Down The Crazy River-  Robbie Robertson
Waitress-  Jane Sieberry
Come Back To Me-   Bongos
Excess  - Klark Kent
Things That We Do  - Crack the Sky
50 Dollar Love Affair   -Joe Jackson
A Small Dark Cloud -   Pere Ubu
Magic and Ecstasy -   Snakefinger
Guitar Jamboree -  Chris Spedding
Doctor Nightcall -   Tupelo Chain Sex
Ashtray Heart-   Capt. Beefheart -
More Cigarettes   -  Replacements 

The next DJ started off his set with one of my favorite bands, Monday Machines, so I left it as a bonus track at the end of Program Two

Happy New Year!



I'm sorry about the bad news..and so happy about the good..hope things will work out for you..which reminds me..new phone..
cheap free cell phone..have to stand on the porch to get reception..
the music sounds wonderful...

billy pilgrim said...

glad to hear you had lots of good accidents in 2010.

Allan said...

JS- Didja get the download to work OK?

Craig D said...

So far, 2011 is proving to be THE YEAR OF KRYPTONITE. (Well, maybe week #2 will improve..?)

Glad to hear 2010 was so good to you, though.

Angel said...

Aw I'm sorry the year had such a crappy ending for you...
I do like those playlists though.
Strongs for the crap you're going through.

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