Monday, January 31, 2011

A Week And An End

I got up dark and early last Monday morning. By 4:15am , I was tossing a suitcase in my car and heading to the airport to catch a pre-dawn flight to Newark, where a dire alphanumeric emergency awaited my expert attention in nearby Morristown.

My job (at times) consists of traveling to offices that are  moving to new locations and experiencing file room meltdowns as a result of the move; my job is to train a crew of temps to perform the task of cleaning up and inventorying these paper Chernobyls so that the files can be stored or moved as needed. It isn't terribly exciting but isn't god-awful bad either, and my company really went overboard to make the trip a good one. I had a nice rental car and a  full suite at a luxury hotel, the suite was almost as large as my apartment.

The workdays went pretty well and on Tuesday night I had the pleasure of going out for Japanese with my friends Liz and Craig.

They are living proof that internet friendships can become real ones; in fact, I would wager that corporeal friendships tend to outlast virtual friendships, both in longevity and ability to weather storms. That isn't a scientific claim, just a hunch. 


It wasn't until the next day that my problems began.

To be continued...



lovely room, good food with great friends...can't wait for the uh about some of it on facebook.
I had an uh oh moment too all day sunday.

Allan said...

I can't look at Facebook right now.