Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Could Happen?

Last Week's podcast was delayed on account of rescuin' orphans from floodwaters being such hard work. I was too tired and damp to do much podcasting, so here's a triple shot of podcasts, 6 full hours of live radio, hosted by yours truly.

Two editions of my own weekly show, plus a special edition of Songs From the Big Hair , WRIR's weekly 1980's show, each show is available in mp3 format  here:

Download 1/22/2011

Download TWO 1/15/2011 shows

And my fabulous archive.


Song- Artist-Album-Label-Year

-Tension Building Intro-
 Time To Kill -Gentle Giant Free Hand
 The Hidden -Aid Fantasm -The Kind  Bandcamp 2010
I Couldn't Love You- Cursive- Mama I'm Swollen-   SaddleCreek 2009
Swept Up- Old Smile- Hawkins Bridge
 Trust- Pretty Things -S.F. Sorrow -Motown 1969
Answers? Questions! -Focus -Focus 3 Sire 1972
Fidelity Shake -Speck Mountain- Some Sweet Relief
Devil Be Gone- Mr. Gnome- Heave Yer Skeleton- Bandcamp 2010
Holiday- Joan as Policewoman- Survive
 Giving It All Away- Frames- Fitzcarraldo
I Live At Home- Taxi To The Ocean
Suffocate Me- Angelfish- Suffocate Me MCA 1993
Bleed Like Me -Garbage- Bleed Like Me
 Little Wrecking Ball -Tori Sparks- Scorpion in the Story Glass Mountain 2009
Where Do You Go (When You Need a Hole to Crawl In) -Strawbs -Ghosts A&M 1975
When I Burn This Place Down -Firewater -Get Off The Cross, We Need the Wood for the Fire
 Breakdown Buildup -HuDost- Trapeze OS 2009
Infinite Night- Carrie Rodriguez- She Ain't Me Blu Hammock 2009
Bone Through Her Nose- Richard Thompson -Daring Adventures- Polydor 1985
Pure Cold Stone- Pretty Things- Rage Before Beauty Snapper 1999
Underneath The Bottle- Lou Reed- Blue Mask RCA 1982
That's Really Super, Supergirl- XTC- Skylarking Geffen 1986
How I Wanted To- Richard Thompson- Hand of Kindness Hannibal 1985
Jar Song -Damien Dempsey- Shots UFO 2004
Lost On Your Merry Way- Grandaddy -Sumday v2 `200


Torture Never Stops-    Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart-    You Can't Do That     Ryko    1976
Princess of the Streets-    Stranglers-    Rattus Norvegicus    A&M    1976
Sirens of Titan-    Al Stewart-    Modern Times     Janus    1975
You Got Something-    J.J. Cale-    Troubador    Shelter    1976
Fool No More-    Peter Green-    In The Skies    Sail    1979
Rainmaker-    Traffic-    Low Spark....      
Tangled Up In Blue-    Bob Dylan-    Blood on the Tracks    Columbia    1974
Ice-    Crack the Sky-    Live Sky    Lifesong    1976
Blame The Villain-    Cafebar 401-            2009
Bullet-    Frank Black-    Dog in the Sand        200
Visions of Johanna -    Bob Dylan -   Blonde on Blonde        1966
Intergalactic -   Area 27       -     2006
Trespasser-     HuDost   - Trapeze    OS    2009
Down in the Zero-    Monday Machines -   Monday Machines    Door 13    2010
If There is Something  -  Roxy Music -   Live    Atco    1976
Stay Where You Are-    Stephanie Seskin -   Edge of Reason        2006
Esnuria-    Gong  -  Gazeuse!    Virgin    1976


Big Hollow Man -Danielle Dax- Inky Bloaters Sire 1986
The Blacksmith- Steeleye Span- Hark! The Village Wait Chrysalis 1985
A Poisoned Heart and a Twisted Memory- Richard Thompson- Hand of Kindness
Is This The Life -Cardiacs A Little Man and a House- ABC 1985
Trouble -Troublefunk -Trouble Over Here Island 1987
Fender Bender- MX-80 Sound -Out of the Tunnel Ralph 1980
Clampdown- Clash -Londons Calling Columbia 1979
The Ugly Underneath- XTC -Nonesuch Geffen oops
Not Weak Enough -Peter Blegvad -Downtime ReR 1988
Lucky Number Nine- Nina Hagen -single Columbia 1979
Vanishing Girl- Dukes of Stratosphere- Geffen 1986
 Golden Brown- Stranglers- Feline Epic 1982
Groovin' On An Inner Plane- Robyn Hitchcock- Groovy Decay Albion 1985
Legs- Helios -Creed- Kiss To The Brain Amp Rep
Clean Plate- Golden Palominos
The Welcome -Fred Frith -Cheap at Half The Price Ralph 1980
The Age Of Self -Robert Wyatt- Old Rottenhat Rough Trade 1985
Siamese Trap -Opal- Happy Nightmare Baby SST 1987
Bring Back Reality- Snakefinger- Manual of Errors Ralph 1982
Kill The Great Raven -Snakefinge-r Live In Chicago TEC 1986
Jerking Back and Forth- Devo- Here It Is TDK 1988
Me, I Disconnect From You- Gary Numan Replicas Atco 1979
No Future -Pretty Things -Crosstalk Warner 1980
Days Of Wine and Roses -Dream Syndicate- Days of Wine and Roses Slash 1982
Bolingo -Poto Doudongo -Here it is TDK 1988
Maybe The Poet- Bruce Cockburn- Stealing Fire GoldMountain 1982
True Story -Tom Verlaine -Words From The Front Warner 1982

My good friend Kevin, host of The Sunrise Ocean Bender , will be filling in for me next week. Your ears will be in good hands.


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Angel said...

For a moment I thought you were rescuing orphans from the natural bread baking disasters...

I think I like the -Tension Building Intro- the best!
So where are you going?