Friday, May 20, 2011

Now What?

My regional manager had a meeting with me today. He told me that my 'whistleblowing' has caused quite a lot of trouble in the upper management and they were having a conference call about it shortly.

I reminded him that I didn't blow any whistles, I merely paraphrased what was said in the Client meeting  and repeated it back to the Client with suggestions for solving the various problems. No secrets were disclosed.

I thought I'd get a pat on the back of some sort for my work, but noooo...see, I copied our National Director on it too, and what I uncovered should have been noticed long ago by any one of the middle managers,  and by calling attention to the error , I managed to make everyone in the management team look like negligent, incompetent, slack-ass buffoons.

I was surprised to hear about the trail of  management embarrassment that I caused. I hadn't counted on that happening, but it was an awesome bonus, much better better than the last $50 raindrop I was given.

After the meeting, my boss said that they'd agreed that my plan was the best option available and that they were going to use it as the basis of an outline for a  National Plan.

I told him that I was flattered that they had such confidence in me , but that report was specific to one location and that location was unique, that office uses a prototype system that no other office had adopted and  that nothing contained in my report would apply to any of our other locations.

Oh. Is that bad?

Yes, it is.

 I told him that my observation was that not one- not one single person on our Management Team- knew anything at all about [my Dept.] and that their unwillingness to listen and communicate had caused a few easily corrected errors to snowball into catastrophic avalanches
 that could easily involve a lawsuit or four. And that if they were going to implement a National plan for my Dept., they'd be well served to consult me first, either as a Project Manager or as a  private consultant.

And then I went home.



Judy Bracher Carmichael said...

I was thinking you should SERIOUSLY look into consulting long before your mention of the word(s). This is the stuff that consultants are born of.

Or is this autobiographical "fiction," told in the present but actually having occurred in the past?

Oh, it all sounds so familiar...

Allan said...

No, this just happened pretty much as is. Today.

Judy Bracher Carmichael said...

Consultants don't have to take the great heaping spoonfuls of steaming stinking shit. Make very, very good money. I speak from experience -- it's a nice living, if you have the right attitude. You just have to put on your "cocky" hat, and fight the business office when it comes time for payment... Which can be done. It's just a drag. As some aspect of all jobs are.


I'm with Judy.

Craig D said...

I'm experiencing symptoms of managerial post traumatic stress syndrome from reading about this.

"I managed to make everyone in the management team look like negligent, incompetent, slack-ass buffoons."

These folks don't take kindly to that sort of thing. At least, that's been MY experience...