Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sign Language of the Times

The New Breakfast Snob Special Not-Exactly The Rapture Edition



Pat Benatar- Pictures of a Gone World/Everybody Lay Down

Holy fucking brimstone fountains! I'm leading off my show with Pat Benatar!?

Surely the world has already ended and Hell is for children who thought they had escaped from their tragic pasts, only to have it all re-visited in the cruelest of ways...but wait, I can explain:

You see, the DJ before me inexplicably ended his show two minutes early, which completely caught me off-guard, since I was trying to trouble-shoot our internet and needed that two minutes to finish what I was doing and get ready for my show, and in my panic I just reached for whatever I could grab at the last second...

Aw, hell. I 'fess up. I used to think that Pat was hot and I still do. She's older than me and can still belt out the  Big 'Reena Rock without auto-tuning -and  anyway, sometimes one just needs to be hit upside the head with some mindlessly stupid rock and roll. You just do. 

Everybody say yeah!

Rajay and the Saptut(?)- Up,Up and Away 

A sitar-driven Muzak version of an insipid pop song that the adults in my life hated and sheltered me from. My adults liked cool music when I was a kid and I was never exposed to top 40 at home, something that helps make up for a lot of other things.

Hmmm, come to think of it, I was never forced into religion as a kid. The older that I get, the more thankful I am for this lack of indoctrination.

Parliament- Gloryhallastoopid

You will find more references to 'stoopid' in this week's show but none quite so funky as this one.

Crack the Sky- Maybe I Can Fool Everybody Tonight

No, sorry. Maybe next time.

Yes - Yours Is No Disgrace

Actually, yours is a disgrace of the soul  wrapped inside  a blanket of shame, soaked in the gasoline of avarice, set aflame with the twin-fired candle of sadomasochistic self-destruction and burned  until the cold  ashes of your life are dumped into a piece of cheap pottery  which will be adorned with a plaque attesting to the fact that you died alone and unmourned ; a martyr-of-one to the lonely cause of your own manipulative, bizarrely willful and ultimately pointless self- degradation .

Text me sometime, why dontcha? I'll come over and fix your Internet real good.

Bob Dylan- Man Of Peace

Peter Tosh- Here Comes The Sun

This song is like, eerily prophetic, maaaaan. I mean, here it comes. Again!

Beatles- I've Got A Feeling

Everybody say yeah!

Robbie Robertson- Vanishing Breed

Are you still here? Cool.

Tuxedomoon- What Use?

Some people quit their jobs and gave away all their money in advance of the Rapture Hoax...good luck getting all that stuff back on Monday.

Al Stewart- Life In Dark Water

HuDost-Skeleton Key

Great Canadian band, this song ties into Fontainbleau and more...

Blue Oyster Cult- Cities On Flame With Rock and Roll

I thought the end of the world was gonna rock. If the world had ended in 1974, it would have totally fucking rocked -like  Montrose, Bloodrock or Blue Oyster Cult rock. If the world were to end today, it would probably lip-sync some kinda suck-ass white-girly-boy suburban gangsta rap while we collapsed into  fiery damnation and  eternal suffering..or maybe it would go 'emo' on us, whatever 'emo' is.

I hope the apocalypse doesn't sing 'Praise Rock'. Whatever 'emo' is, it can't be worse than 'praise rock'.

I'm pretty sure that Jesus, were he real, would recognize  'Christian Rock' as what it is- a Satanic plot to make the listener yearn for the self-inflicted  peace and serenity of  an early, unconsecrated grave.

Stills-Young Band  - Fontainebleau

This could have been written in 2009 but wasn't.

Ramsey Lewis- Gemini Rising

Steve Hillage- AftaGlid

From the 'Fish Rising' album, hitting on the glid riff introduced in Gong's Angel's Egg LP. Gong and Gong spin-offs are dedicated recyclers of riffs. Green!
Oh, that is a different album... nevermind.

Peter Green- In The Skies

Up, up and away. Could be Santana but isn't.

Ten Years After- Religion

Pretty much sums it up.

Carpenters- Saturday

Somewhere in Hell, Satan spreads his leathery wings and laughs.

Grateful Dead- Ripple

Demonic laughter shakes the CDs off of the shelf and the world comes to a sudden halt.

Randy Newman- Spies

I had a request for RN last week but didn't have any with me. But I remembered.

Stackridge- The Galloping Gaucho

Hahahahaha! Who were these guys?

Pretty Things- Bitter End

Grace Slick- Theme From 'Manhole'

Grace rips the roof off for 15-minutes. You can tell that  she is ripping the roof off because she keeps saying "the roof is gone" over and over and over...when she is singing in English anyway.

The rest of the time is in some furring tongue.

I hope she isn't cussing in Mexican or something, 'cause that would be wrong.



Craig D said...



Allan said...

I thought that would get a laugh! Glad someone caught it!

Craig D said...

Is "in some furring tongue" a Homer & Jethro riff?

Allan said...

Nah, that is what furners from other countries talk in, not like we Murray Cans talk.

Angel said...

Dude! I haven't seen you write so much about the individual songs in aaaages!!
I rather like this selection.

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