Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Can Fix That

I'm a lucky guy. My music geek dream comes true every Saturday when I do my radio program. I don't always know what genre or theme that I'm working with, so I let my subconscious do the hard work for me and I concentrate on distinguishing clearly labeled buttons from one another.

About the only thing that could make doing my show better is knowing that there is a beautiful woman listening to my show because it is my show and she likes me even when I'm not on the radio. And that she likes to see me, despite me never being on TV at all. It's a pretty amazing feeling. I'm not sure where it is going but it feels good, there is no element of wrongness to it, just a slow getting-to-know-you in person and in real-life process that I've not experienced as a s sober adult. It feels great. I'm a lucky guy.




Taxi To The Ocean- Flag On The Moon

Slo Mo - Home is Where is the Heart is

Peter Bayreuther- Hey Baby

Eileen Ivers- Paddy in Zululand

Elu- Lose Control

Bird York- Never Gonna Find Us

Damien Dempsey- Celtic Tiger

Tidal Arms- Social Landlord

Erika Song- Is That So Strange

Robert Fripp- Chicago

Mute Speaker- Crab People

Cursive- Fairtytales Tell Tales

Dare Dukes- Ballad of Darious McCollum

Area 27- Black Sun

A'tris- Light and Shadow

Taxi To The Ocean- Hold On To Me

Cecile Corbel- O Stor mo chroi

Golden Palominos- Break In The Road

Cafebar 401- Couch Potato

Garbage- Bad Boyfriend

HuDost- Invisible

Rathkeltair- Something Good For A Change

Entheogenic- Fire, Horse and Storm

Green Man- Cold Blows The Wind

Sharon Knight- Serpentina

Thanks for tuning in!


Craig D said...



see? I told ya so..

Judy Bracher Carmichael said...

Great news. :)

Angel said...

How sweet is that...