Saturday, June 18, 2011

Trouble In The Air

I used to have the occasional head-butt with our old station manager, but she did a lot more work than I realized and it is starting to show now that she is gone.

This morning, for instance I was listening to the radio stream and a channel was out. Again. So I grabbed a few tools that I really hoped I didn't have to use (because I pretty much don't know what  they do and some of them are really sharp) and hustled down to station, where I  traced wires and generally got underfoot until I rigged up a temporary solution that lasted at least long enough for me to finish my shows and record the podcasts linked below.

Four straight hours of live broadcast is a lot of broadcast and I'd be damned if I was gonna let a bunch of guerrilla wiring ruin my shows. So there.

For your enjoyment, I present:

6182011 New Breakfast Snob & 6182011 Songs From The Big Hair Download


Rathkeltair- It's All Good

Damien Dempsey- It's All Good

The Purrs- Mostly

Astronauts of Antiquity
- Everywhere

Jeannine Hebb
- Too Late To Change Me

Angelfish- Dogs In A Cage

Love Kills Theory
- Poverty of Student Life

801- Flight 19

Mythica- Don't Be

HuDost- Skeleton Key

mr. Gnome
- Three Birds

Cafebar 401- Damn These Blues

Belly- Untogether

Peter Tosh
- Won't Fool Me Again

Ramsey Lewis- Sun Goddess

The Kinks- Get Up

XTC- Poor Skeleton Steps Out

Al Stewart-
Song On The Radio

Alan Parsons
- One More River

Jethro Tull-
Big Dipper

Frames- Monument

- Happy In The Lord

Cat Nights Begin
- Of Mettle

Traffic- Withering Tree

Shannon Sharon & Steve Earle- Galway Girl

Little Feat- Time Loves A Hero


Birthday Party- Guilt Parade

Stranglers - Let Me Down Easy

Dire Straits- Setting Me Up

Dave Davies - In You I Believe

Nouvelle Vague- In a Manner of Speaking

Tuxedomoon- Jinx

Warren Zevon- The Factory

David Lindley- Talk To The Lawyer

X- Because I Do

Replacements- Go

Pretty Things- No Future

Dream Syndicate- When You Smile

Robyn Hitchcock- The Cars She Used To Drive

Husker Du- These Important Years

Crack The Sky- Frozen Rain

Wire- Getting Sucked In Again

Hawklords- Psi Power

Peter Blegvad- Model of Kindness

Suzi Quatro- Breakdown

Waterboys- All The Things She Gave Me

Golden Palominos- Strong, Simple Silences

Lou Reed- Underneath The Bottle

Meat Puppets- Lost

Pat Benatar- Helter Skelter

King Crimson- Sleepless

Troublefunk- Woman of Principle

Richard Thompson- Bone Through Her Nose

Joe Jackson- 50 Dollar Love Affair

Neil Young- Shots

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