Saturday, August 20, 2011

An eventful week for me:

On Monday I had the honor of being a guest on the multi-talented Lakota Phillips' thought-provoking radio program Breaking Taboo on New Dissident Radio. It was great to make a cross-country  connection with my fellow new media pioneers. From the NDR site:

Allan Coberly with WRIR 97.3 and America Revealed’s S. Paul Forrest join Lakota for a fast-paced, exciting show that cracks open the dissatisfaction Americans have with leadership in Washington and the current state of the country and the world. Why all the grumbling and no action? The riots in London, what they really reflect, as well as how they relate to similar unrest in America is discussed with some intriguing points that will make you go “hmmmmm.”
 Podcast downloads of this show and previous BT episodes are available from the link above.

On Wednesday I engineered and produced a live radio appearance by New Jersey trio  Screaming Females- video by Jim Nelson here:

Screaming Females on WRIR from Jim Nelson on Vimeo.

Thursday I stayed up way past my bedtime putting together the playlists below.

Friday I told my boss that I don't make enough money for what they expect, I am very discouraged and am thinking about quitting. Then I went on a second date with a beautiful woman who makes me smile...we had a great dinner and I gave her an autographed copy of The Screaming Females CD.


Right now I have two major unresolved questions:

1) Do I still have a job?

2) Will I ever have a girlfriend again?

But all that had to wait, because this morning I had a four-hour marathon of live radio:

 I had the great honor of filling in for Buzzy Lawler on his fantastic Shake Some Action program on WRIR today- mostly 1960's and early 1970's guitar rock. The good kind- the kind they don't make anymore.


SSA Podcast here.

NBS Podcast here.

Sweet - Daydream

Sweetwater- Motherless Child

Pink Floyd- Point Me At The Sky

Flaming Groovies- Love Have Mercy

Humble Pie- Shaky Jake

Manfred Mann- My Name's Jack

Ten Years After- Sugar The Road

Taj Mahal- Take A Giant Step

Everly Brothers- Love Is Strange

Alex Chilton- With A Girl Like You

Small Faces- Sha La La Lee

Great Society- White Rabbit

Cat Stevens- I'm Gonna Get Me A Gun
Once and future Stinky Hippie Cat Stevens gleefully singing about going on a homicidal shooting spree , cheerfully exacting revenge on everyone who ever called him a Stinking Hippie. Seriously, even I couldn't make that up.

The Troggs- I Can't Control Myself

The Scorpions -Greensleeves
This is not the 1970's Scorpions, this is an entirely different band. I got yer other Scorpions on the next show...see below.

Gun- Race With The Devil

Neil Young -Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Fairport Convention- Chelsea Morning

John Mayall's Bluesbreakers- All Your Love

Rare Earth- Share Your Love

Edwinn Starr- 25 Miles
I got a caller during this show who informed me that this song was the very first 45rpm record he ever bought as a kid. It made me happy to hear that.

Wilson Pickett- Don't Fight it (Feel it)

Captain Beefheart- Here I Am

Atomic Rooster- Play The Game

Electric Sandwich- Devil's Dream

Fleetwood Mac- Heartbeat Like A Hammer

Jimi Hendrix- We Gotta Live Together

Emerson, Lake and Palmer- Are You Ready, Eddie?

Spirit- Morning Will Come

Electric Flag- Make Your Move

Funkadelic- Standing On The Verge of Getting It On

So, OK. That was one show down. Things were rolling merrily along until suddenly disaster struck- our webstream went down and I could not coax it back to life. WRIR was reduced to a mere broadcast radio station...but rather than skip a week of podcasting, I went home , used my under-appreciated telepathic powers to painstakingly re-create nearly the entire damn show by hand and then I uploaded the simulacrum in lieu of a recording of the actual program.

Why do I do this? Or not.

THE NEW BREAKFAST SNOB 8/20/2011: Telepathic Upload Edition

Jeff Beck- Roy's Toy

Brian Eno- No One Receiving

Klaus Schulze- Weird Caravan

Caravan- Be Alright

David Bowie- Sons of The Silent Age

Jennings- Surrender

Lost In The Trees- Song For The Painter

Mavis Staples- You're Not Alone

Bird York- Punish Me With Kisses

Area 27- Wild Card

Manfred Mann's Earth Band- Messin'

Adriana Kaegi- When The Money Runs Out

The Kinks- Money and Corruption

Joan As Policewoman- Chemmie

Michelle Malone and Band du Soliel- Sitting In The Sun

Paula Cole - Hitler's Brothers

Norine Braun- Hanna To Hollywood

Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood- Some Velvet Morning

Kalliopi- Summer's Almost Over

Fruup- Prince of Darkness

Can- Full Moon On The Highway

Scorpions- Fly People Fly
This is by (the) Scorpions that you  have heard of.

Ray Manzarek- The Golden Scarab
Ray, along with Jim Morrison, was in The Doors. To my knowledge, Morrison never mentioned dung beetles in his lyrics...Ray does mention dung beetles in this tune. That might be why I almost never play The Doors but play Ray quite often. Or maybe I have other reasons.

Astronauts of Antiquity- Strangest Places


One of these days, I'll actually do something...


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