Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sonics and Tonics

Sometimes I have dreams in which I still have a full head of hair. I call these dreams 'nightmares' because my life used to suck back in the days when I had hair. I've been shaving my head for nearly six years and my life has almost completely turned around since I stopped using shampoo.

I've had a weekly music program on our local non-profit radio station WRIR 97.3 FM for over five years now, but next Monday (8/15/11, 7PM EST) will mark  a radio first for me: I'll be a guest on another host's program:  Breaking Taboo, a weekly discussion program hosted by the redoubtable Lakota Phillips on New Dissident Radio.

From the BT website:
"Breaking Taboo is hosted by artist, writer, and erotic muse Lakota Phillips who kidnaps her guests from around the country, ties them up using only the softest shibari ropes, and forces them to explore our societal myths, stereotypes, art, sex, and taboos; but not necessarily in that order or all on the same show.  She’s considerate like that. The show delivers a huge dose of humor mixed with controversy on Pandora topics your mother never wanted you to know about."
Along with   S. Paul Forrest of America Revealed, we'll discuss the London riots and America's own dissatisfaction with our own government- are we unable to change our government or are we merely unwilling to even try? That topic and 'all manner of other controversy' @4pmPST, 7pm EST. Listen live here.

Wednesday 8/17/11 @7pm, I'll be producing a live in-studio performance by The Screaming Females, a hot trio from NJ who'll be appearing on Mike Rutz's WRIR Activate! show , giving us a preview of their 8/18 BFD show at Richmond's Bike Lot.

Friday night I have a second date...I think maybe, just maybe, we might sorta kinda like each other a little bit. It is really soon but I am optimistic. And charmed. 

Next Saturday I'll be guest-hosting Buzzy Lawler's Shake Some Action program at 11am and continuing on through my own show beginning at 1pm and running until 3, which means four consecutive hours of live radio. Bring it on!




Goldfrapp- Crystalline Green

Gong- Gris Gris Girl

Liars- Scissor

Funkadelic- Some More

Mothers of Invention- San Berdino

King Crimson- Cat Food

Green Man- Do Bheatha 'Bhaile

Aphrodesia- Ayala

Steve Hillage- Electrick Gypsies

Ashlee Rose- Devil's Town

Cafebar 401- Blame the Villian

Amy Winehouse- Stronger Than Me

Joan As Policewoman- The Magic

Joni Mitchell- In France They Kiss On Main Street

Michelle Malone & Band du Soliel- Woman on the Floor

Richard Thompson- Crash The Party

mr. Gnome- Bit of Tongue

Adriana Kaegi- It Feels Like

Paula Cole- Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

Sparks- Talent Is An Asset

Ray Manzarek- Boiling Rage

The Purrs- Big Black Wall

Bardo Pond- Wank

Deluka- OMFG

I'll be catching my breath now...a pizza may be called for. Literally.


Susan said...

Where have all the cowboys gone, Mr. Sensitive?

Mr. Sensitive said...

To that OK Corral in the sky, yippee-i-ay.

Craig D said...

I don't think I've ever seen THAT particular picture of Andy Warhol before...

Angel said...

I love the description of Lakota's show!