Saturday, August 06, 2011

A Head Full of Quandry and a Mighty, Mighty Thirst

                                                 I love my radio friends

There are many ways to cope with the lingering spectre of depression. One way would to stay up all night listening to six billion songs in a single evening, imagining to oneself how the songs will fit together,for example: how will the end of this Bird York song fade into the beginning of this Joan Wasser tune?

Pretty damn well, it turns out. If you don't believe me, download the podcast and hear for yourself. If you do believe me, download the podcast and enjoy it.

What I'm trying to say here is: download the podcast.

         (Originally aired on WRIR 97.3 FM. )

The Kinks- Preservation (Single)
This is a nearly-unknown Kinks track...a very un-Kinks-like  groove rocker with very Kinks-y timeless lyrics.

Booker T. Jones- Progress
You can get the awesome compilation CD that this soulful tune is taken from here, for FREE.

Joni Mitchell- Don't Interrupt The Sorrow
Ah, Joni. This song is nothing short of brilliant. The title of this post is taken from it.

Bird York- Bought A Gun
"By the time I'm eleven, I'll be a man"

Joan As Policewoman- Nervous
Had a couple callers on this one, they loved it and they should, it is awesome...I have been a huge Joan Wasser fan for years...why is she not totally fucking famous yet?

Sparks- I Can't Believe That You Would Fall For All The Crap In This Song
"And only you and only you, my love"

Of Montreal- An Eluadarian Instance
This band is better than a million circuses.

Kalliopi- Summer Is Over
She's from Greece. Things are tough in Greece right now, hopefully there's some solace in music.

Nouvelle Vague- Making Plans For Nigel
XTC cover. 

Tom Waits- Make It Rain
"Sharpen my knives on my mistakes"

Amy Winehouse- Fuck-Me Pumps
Add Amy to my list of unattainable post-mortem crushes; Voltairine DeCleyre, Clara Bow, and Amy Winehouse.

Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald- Frim Fram Sauce
Oooo tasty.

Rare Earth- Is Your Teacher Cool?
Depends on the lesson.

The Stranglers- The Sweet Smell of Success

Funkadelic- Funky Dollar Bill

Jimi Hendrix- Message of Love

Miles Davis- Spanish Key (single edit)

Michelle Malone  and Band du Soliel- Cortez the Killer
Awesome live cover of classic Neil Young song...Michelle Malone is the real rocking deal.

Jennings- Surrender
New album coming soon!

Manfred Mann's Earth Band- Cloudy Eyes

Atomic Rooster- Devil's Answer

Roxy Music- Three and Nine

John Cale- Taking It All Away

Brian Eno- The True Wheel

David Bowie- Blackout
Man, this song is about best thing that ever happened to my ears, ever.

Astronauts of Antiquity- Breakthrough

Misty Boyce- Be A Man
I like the way the title of this song doesn't say what you probably think it does...but if she was a man, she couldn't sing like she does. And that would be a bummer, 'cause she sings great.



jeez..some songs I haven't heard in years.

Angel said...

I'll never forget the first time I heard Amy. I was in a restaurant with a few colleagues after we'd had lunch together and they were playing her CD over the sound system. I bought her CD on the way home.
As for you putting music together to make it work, it never occurred to me that there was a flow to a radio show until I was subjected to a bad one! The DJ was dreadful, yes, with a whiny nagging voice that was better suited to blogging than radio, but over and above that I simply couldn't get over how the songs literally jumped from one to the other, like she'd just plugged in an iPod and hit random!