Wednesday, November 09, 2011


                          Where did my human go? Throwing shit isn't fun without a target.

It has been a while since I blogged and there's a good reason for that. Well two reasons, really, but only one of them is good:

1) I'm in love and would rather spend time with my new girlfriend  than blog. In hindsight, one clue that I was falling in love with her was my reluctance to blog about our relationship. I find that if you love are to love someone, it is necessary to respect them as well. And if you respect someone, you won't blog the details of that love...and I'm too emotionally intoxicated to think for long about much else.  Hence the lack of posting. That's the good reason.

2) The bad reason is an overload of outrage. Have you noticed how bad the news is lately?
I have. There's so much wrong in the world that it is difficult to pick any one topic from the tsunami of horrific headlines streaming across the monitors that fill my life. The inside of my head feels like it is Occupied. I agree with the majority sentiments of the Occupy My Head movement, but  it is difficult to sort them out at times. There is a lot of overlap, our problems are not a scattered number of random, isolated ones; what we have are  multiple inter-connected system failures at every level. Where to start?

How about piling on Herman Cain?  He actually deserves it.

Dude. Paying out quiet  settlements for one or more workplace-related sexual harassment incidents will ruin your political hopes in a way that merely being black will not. So quit whining, quit  campaigning and go get your inevitable job at Fox now so we can focus on something else.

I'm not a huge fan of Obama, but none of the GOP candidates are worth a fuck and most are barely worth a grope. The next election will be between The Disappointment We Know  and the Disaster We Don't.  It  makes me wonder if we even really NEED a President or Congress at all- why not just have the Chamber of Commerce  deliver checks to the Supreme Court and let the SCOTUS write the laws? Nothing would really change operationally, but we'd save billions on  election spending and useless politician's salaries and benefits. Plus counting votes costs money and money is in short supply. Freedom ain't free -you can call it an entitlement  and we gotta save money somewhere.

'Democracy' is just another corner to cut. Drown the government in the bathtub, put the captains of industry in direct control of the country and the Free Market will eventually liberate us all. Yep. Just wait.



I'm so happy for you..haven't words to describe it.Goddess bless you both.

Citymouse said...

I am happy for you too!!!!!

more cowbell said...

I wasn't blogging for ages either, and for the same 2 reasons among others. Tentatively stepping back to it, hoping I won't be such a slacker now that my new life has settled down some. I knew about the first reason via FB, but I've missed the extended versions of my blogger friends' lives.