Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Conspiracy Isn't Fun any more

Remember the good old days-when conspiracy theory meant reading the Illuminati trilogy or discussing why the du Pont corporation helped make weed illegal? The number 23? Weishaupt or Washington on the dollar? Was Klaatu really the Beatles recording anonymously? Convincing stupid people Proctor and Gamble paid Gary Gygax to spread devil-worship? (I just made that one up, sorta)
Even Watergate eventually ended.
As far as I know, Nixon was never recorded forcing naked men into "simulated" sex acts, much less sawing their heads off. Audiotape can hide a multitude of sins, but I'm pretty sure he let you keep your clothes on and skull attached while he fucked you in the White House.
He should have done the hood-over-head thing though, as it would have helped muffle the voices.

Today we're presented with an ever-lasting vision of an evil network of concentric ,nebulous circles. An evil, segmented and expansive network of separate (with various levels, if any, of connection) guerilla groups, corporate profiteers and secret foreign government intelligence agencies that co-operate with their professed
enemies more than their own people , fundamentalist religious factions, joined by an unknown number of imported mercenaries and militants , all purportedly working towards the same goal, dished out by zealots gorging on the self-serving , eat-all-you-can-and leave-nothing-for-the-next-person buffet of tyranny and terror. They convince themselves of an unshakable center , but the the center is notorious for it's inability to hold. Extremism and intolerance thrive.
Back-stabbings and betrayals are becoming common-place in this network, one I once feared would remain hidden, deadly and invincible. Dissenters are returning from various forms of exile ,raising their voices in a call for democracy and liberty, but the nation is so fractious that civil disobedience is repressed and civil war hangs like a National Scimitar of Damocles .
This is true here and it's true there.
We really do need a score card to tell the teams apart , but if you buy a counterfeit ticket from a scalper -and then buy a souvenir program from his cousin- you can be damn sure you'll sitting in the bleacher seats with a flag-pole blocking your view.
With so much in common , you'd think we'd all get along much better than we do.


Lyzard said...

With so much in common you'd think we would push back against shit like flags, religious exclusivism, nationalism, usw. Things that do nothing more than draw lines between essentially identical creatures.

Allan said...

As an atheist, it's hard for me understand, much less endorse this latest round of holy wars. As an Anarchist it's hard for me to wrap my tiny mind around something as big as nationalism. As a musician I'll never understand why Karaoke/American Idol exists. Aaargghh-I'm getting big, green and mono-syllabatic...ALLAN SMASH!
I undermine my own disdain of Government by voting every chance I get-I think humans are hard-wired for hypocrisy in much the way we have a "baldness gene". Once you realize you're balding ,you can either try a comb-over or a cheesy-ass toupe, hair implants or Cthulu-forbid- spray-on hair, any one of which will earn you well-deserved derision OR you can just shave your damn head and move on.(Smooth as a baby's bottom, thank you very much.)
A strip-club comes to mind- a bunch of naked women showing their breast implants to a room full of desperate bald men wearing stupid-looking wigs , exchanging currency for the benefit of a third party.What a great system.
No wonder the best-seller lists are always full of "self-help" books.
Whew! Forty minutes until sorrows-drowning time!