Friday, June 18, 2004

The Sow In the Mail Room

There's a very strange pig in our mailroom. Not only can it sort mail,it can,and does, quote scripture.
For a talking Christian pig it says some very un-Christian things-last week it was squealing about it's new sty-mate, it's very proud that it's new barnyard lover is half it's age. (The mailroom pig looks to be well over 50 yrs. old-I suspect the younger porker must have had it's eyes burned out with lye or something).
Today I heard it making oink about how "...they oughta take all the queers and atheists and the libberuls and put 'em in a giant prison until we beat terror."

I suspect Michael Savage Weiner taught this pig how to talk.

I'm certain that if it was back on it's home farm it would have included blacks and Jews as well, although it would have used different terminology.

Jesus would shit flaming halos if He could hear what modern self-professed Christians were saying today.

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