Friday, June 18, 2004

Tenet/Limbaugh Connection?

You may have wondered why George Tenet didn't get fired despite all the disastrous intelligence failures that occurred on his watch. I certainly did.
I was surprised when he, followed by deputy director of operations James Pavitt, suddenly resigned. Apparently, so was Bush.
I was less surprised when I heard that Rush Limbaugh's wife wants a divorce, although I must admit it would have made more sense to just help 'facilitate' an Oxycontin overdose-that way she could keep all his undeserved wealth. (I know it's evil, but the thought of picking up the paper and reading the headline:"Vulgar Pigboy Found Dead With Needle In Arm" puts a little sunshine in my day.)

So what's the connection?

Tenet and Pavitt, due to the Separation of Powers act, could not testify against the Executive branch while in service.
Spousal privilege doesn't apply after a divorce. I don't know and really don't care what domestic life was like in the $25 million Limbaugh house, but it's a safe bet that Marta knows where at least some of the skeletons are hidden. Now she can: a)Spill the beans ,or, b)Blackmail the hell out of Rush. Marta, avoid flying in small planes and have your brakes checked frequently.

Of much greater significance is the new freedom Tenet has to testify against what is ,quite likely the most brazenly corrupt administration in U.S. history. The quiet little shadow war between the White House/Saudi/Military-Industrial axis and the CIA/State Department alliance may just be about to go public. The CIA has got to be sick of being scapegoated for every mistake, false claim and blatant incompetence of the Bush regime. And the CIA doesn't just know where the skeletons are hidden, they know where the fresh bodies are buried. Considering the level of vindictive and power-mad amorality shown by BushCo. It's probably a slew of mass graves.
Presidents who piss off the CIA tend to fare poorly. Ask Nixon-oh, wait,I forgot. He's in Hell. Bush is worse than a dozen Nixons.
Today's political forecast: Scattered scandals and widespread prevarications with a 60% chance of subterfuge leading to a Bush-deposing shit-storm by the end of October. Cheney won't be able to pardon Monkeypants because he'll be in jail too-if his heart doesn't explode first.
This is all predicated on the assumption that the American citizenry is paying attention. Those,sadly, are long odds.
Bonus prediction: If the man being held really is Saddam and not one of his several look-alikes, he will meet an untimely end before his trial. Saddam has mucho dirt on Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43.

A special nod to Buzzflash and Bartcop for the invaluable links.

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