Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Bush Never Tires

Does Smirky McWarhardon ever get tired of lying?

"America is safer now?"
Safer than when? 1812? 1941? 1962? Lunch-time yesterday?

What part of this vague "reminder" makes us safer?
If we are so safe, why this?
Blame it on the CIA.
Didn't the Chimp swat Libya down? No, he took credit for a process started by Clinton.

He's going to save us from the "whims of activist judges".

Maybe by "safe", he means safe from gay marriage. I'd prefer to be safe from having a partisan Supreme Court appoint my President, but it's a little late for that now, isn't it?

John Edwards was Kerry's second choice, after McCain.

Even McCain has publicly denied this. On the other hand, Crashcart Cheney was Smirky's second choice. Guess who was first? Yep. John McCain. He turned Bush down.
It appalls me that McCain ostensibly supports Bush after the 2000 campaign of smears and lies that BushCo. threw at him. I suppose it's the soldier in him that compels him to play along.
Next time you see him stumping for Smirky, watch closely. The man is so tense, his scalp is clenched.

I don't feel safer. I feel threatened. I fear Al-Qaeda with a sense of vague,detached uneasiness, much like wondering if you might get hit by lightning during a storm.
I fear the implementation of the world-dominating PNAC agenda in the same way I'd fear a shark that had just chewed my legs off and wants more.

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