Thursday, July 15, 2004

Busy Day

It wasn't very busy, but enough stuff happened to keep me interested.
Before I'd had a chance to finish my third cup of coffee, I got a new claim. It was a policy on a rental property , apparently the repair crew showed up and found out the tenant had died sometime last month.
The claim is to cover the cost of " clean-up, sanitizing and fumigation ,USC" (under special circumstance) . Ugh. It's hot here.  What a mess that must've been.
Oh. Of course they needed to provide photographic evidence. (You didn't  really have to, sick bastards). Holy shit! That guy must have weighed 325 pounds!  It looks like Alien hatched out of his chest, but I think that's just from gas causing the rotting flesh to burst asunder. The death certificate says heart failure. This guy was only two months older than me.
I sit and do nothing for a long time. A couple hours later I notice that all the paper-clips on my desk are bent and twisted out of shape. I guess I did that.
Later, I got a call from a policy-holder with really bad luck. Her mother's house was nearly destroyed last September, we finally  got it fixed for her and her mother dies on move back- in day. I've done so much work on this I've memorized the policy and claim numbers, so I was able to skip all the BS paperwork crap and be helpful instead.  
While the house was empty someone broke in and vandalized /looted the place. (no foul play determined)
So she was a little upset.  She told me a lot about her mother. I didn't mind. She misses her mom every day.
I know. Every single day.

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Lyzard said...

There are some things that will never be okay, although there will be days when it is less difficult than others - it's still not "all better" and never will be. Time doesn't heal all wounds, "time only heals when you're letting go."