Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Microwave Chicken

This is not a recipe, it's a game. Remember playing "Chicken"? The fun car game where you and your opponent drive as fast as possible towards each other, and the first one to swerve is "chicken" and loses? If you've ever played this game I hope you've lost your driver's permit forever. I do not want to share the road with you.

Here's a version you can play at home. You need :

1-microwave oven

1- lightbulb

2- idiots

Place the lightbulb in the microwave. Place idiots in front of oven, staring inside.
Turn power to High and hit 99:99 on the timer. Start!
Watch all the colors and sparks fly. Smell the weird ozoney-burning smell. Wonder what'll happen next.

The first idiot to hit the Stop button loses. Chicken!

Disclaimer: this might be dangerous.If someone gets hurt, it's not my fault.


Lyzard said...

I am afraid I don't have any idiots ... and it's Tami's microwave. Why don't you post something I can do for once!

tif said...

its ok lyzard. i got one you can borrow...

Allan said...

Silly Lyzard Breakfast:

1- Puddle

2- Feet

Place both feet in puddle. Jump up and down as needed.

Lyzard said...

I get that for breakfast for this whole week, according to the weatherman.