Monday, August 16, 2004

Breathe Easier

I'm not going to Florida, which is a major relief. They are closing the other local office and moving the folks there over here. Except the ones who got down-sized. I'm moving to another, smaller damncube, which is in a very high-traffic area-not very happy about that- it'll be difficult for me to keep up with all my favorite leftist subversive -type websites, much less keep up the blogging. I'll start reading Newsmax and Drudge-that'll fool them. Ever read Newsmax? It's absolutely hilarious! Lots of cheesy ads for 'maverick physicians' shilling miracle medicines-Not Sold in Any Stores! Of course they aren't. That would be illegal.
The 'news' articles read as if they were written by retarded hillbillies on Oxycontin-oh wait-that's the radio guy. Newsmax seems to be penned by an emotionally disturbed but well-trained chimpanzee.
They must know their audience.

I digress.

Boss said my hours are up to me. That's pretty cool. Guess I'll get some overtime this week, heh heh. I was going to tell him I accidently got paid for a day that I called 'sick' on a while back, but decided against it. Rotten to the core, I am.

Uh oh. Mind wandered off. Must..get...angry... I know! I'll read the news! Hmmm... seems the FBI is visiting folks who may potentially protest the upcoming creep convention in NYC.
Excuse me sir, are you planning any acts of violence or domestic terrorism during the week of the convention?
When the government comes to your house because you might someday do something disagreeable, it's time to re-evaluate just how far we've fallen. There really is a thought police. Got mud on your boots? Wipe 'em on the Constitution! The blood of hippie-pinkos on yer hands? We've printed the Bill of Rights on absorbent paper towels! Wipe yourself and throw away!
It's ugly now, but we ain't seen nuthin' yet.

One more thing: That weird sore spot on my arm that I was afraid to mention- isn't cancer. In fact it cleared up and went away all by itself. Not that I worry about that sort of thing.

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Lyzard said...

No Florida... no cancer... just a different damncube?

Sometimes the simple days are the best ones.