Monday, October 25, 2004

When Relatives Attack

My twin came to visit this weekend-it was good to see him,especially since I didn't take a vacation this year. Wish he coulda stayed longer...

So I didn't pay much attention to the news. Until I got to work.

Have you heard about Jeff?

I barely know who he is. What about him?

His brother went nuts and killed their parents. With a shotgun.


That double-plus sucks. What went wrong? Who can ever know?
Today was somber day at the office.
Jeff didn't come to work.

To cheer myself , I catch up on other news:
- Things don't seem to be going well in Iraq. Last week, American soldiers refused to haul contaminated (useless) fuel through a danger zone without adequate protection. 49 newly trained and freshly killed Iraqi soldiers showed us what can happen when you travel without protection.
Well, the news says they were soldiers, but they didn't have any guns or uniforms.

-380 tons of explosives is a lot of explosives. It's a good thing we got them out of Saddam's hands. God only knows who has them now, but it sure as shit ain't Saddam. Stay the course!

-I was actually rooting for the Jets this weekend. Really. I was. I'm about sick of the Patriots.

-Gas prices will never go down. Ever.

The phone rings- a welcome distraction. It's the Boss.

In five days I'll be unemployed. Well, poop.

That takes my mind off the war in Iraq for awhile.

Instead, I start thinking about domestic issues. Like jobs and falling wages and the fact that I spent my last two paychecks on auto repairs and rentals. With a little luck, I can be broke by Christmas and homeless by Valentine's Day. I'll be the guy behind the dumpster, clutching a brown-bag of Mad Dog 20/20 and mumbling some woman's name over and over. Spare change?


Susannity! (Susanne) said...

crap crap crap.

good luck on the job hunt.
sorry to hear about jeff.

i'm going to go fix myself a drink now. i'll have one for you too.

hang in there.

one_raven said...

Put together a collection of your rants and compositions and get them published.
Then you won't have to worry about getting another dead-end shit job that you don't like, want or feel appreciated in.
I honestly think your writing is brilliant and worth the effort.
I think it could be published.
Well, I KNOW it could be, I THINK it should be.

Allan said...

You know, I like that idea (the have a drink one too.) Been thinking about submitting some stuff, but haven't done the research about where yet.
Thanks for the compliment, which is returned in kind.
Send me an email if you've got any advice , criticisms, experience to share etc.

one_raven said...

You could always consider Self Publishing.

Susannity! (Susanne) said...

i would buy your book. one sale down!