Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ungodly Ours

Two miracles to report:

A) My car is on the road again. Repair cost= $0.00. To say more would invite a jinx.

B) There are some things that a gentleman does not blog about. That didn't stop me from phoning a friend in a nearby state and giving her the details though ...I was absently watching football while I was babbling... Cleveland missed a last-second field goal by inches, first it looked good, had distance- 51 yards- then it bumped the vertical post, caromed off the horizontal crossbar , hovered in mid-air for what seemed like minutes and finally fell forward into the end zone, no, they called it back...the judges ruled it first went through the posts, then bounced backwards off the back of the support beam and through them again...good for three points, which tied the game.
Good, no good, good again- it took the officials a looong time to sort it out...I was in the middle of describing my personal "yes/no/maybe/yes" scenario to my friend while this never-before-seen football spectacle unfolded on live TV.

Foreshadowing? We'll see.

Last night I got an email FWD from God. It seemed that His messenger here at Fallentown-FM would be unable to host this week's Gospel Hour and hey, would I mind coming in an hour early and "getting my praise on?"

My what?

I suspect that God knows I'm an atheist. Perhaps making me do these Gospel shows at 6 am is His way of punishing me...perhaps it's my reward. The view from the top of the dung heap isn't half-bad...I can see my house from there.

Tones Of Gospel, Sunday Nov. 18:

Ray Charles- America the Beautiful
I got to 'sign on' to the public airwaves with Ray Charles singing 'America the Beautiful'.
That's pretty cool.

Aretha Franklin- What a Friend We Have In Jesus
One of my earliest and most memorable erections occurred when I was eleven years old. It was spurred by filmed footage of Aretha Franklin singing R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
Ironic, eh?

Mavis Staples- Wade in the Water
Baptized in a holy font of burnt 7-11 coffee. Ow!

J.D. Steele Singers- How Should I See You Through My Tears?
This is from the soundtrack of The Gospel at Colonus - it was produced by Steely Dan's Donald Fagen - it's quite good. Got eyes? No?
Oh, right...

Johnny Cash- Swing Low, Sweet Chariot
Wow. More Cash to follow.

Sam Cooke- This Little Light of Mine
Eh. Filler.

Mahalia Jackson- Amazing Grace
Mahalia Jackson- Nobody Knows the Troubles
In 2006 I saw a Chicago Library exhibit featuring 'Blues Women'- there were some concert posters on, Mahalia Jackson and Aretha Franklin on the same bill...what a show that must have been.

Clarence Fountain & Blind Boys - Lift Me Up (Like a Dove)
More from Gospel at Colonus...

Bill Anderson- The Rev. Mr. Black
This isn't about the Man in Black. Or is it? It's not.

Soweto Gospel Choir- Paradise Road
This band sure sounds good with coffee and sunrise.

Kitty Wells- Dust on the Bible
This woman sings about entering your house and running a white glove over your Bible, checking up on your piety.
There is a word for women like her- and it ain't 'Wiccan'.

Institutional Radio Choir- Lift Him Up
Great name.

Soweto Gospel Choir- African Dream
I think Jesus would like this band. It's a hope thing.

Loretta Lynn- On The Sweet Bye and Bye
Cash & Carter- Let the Circle be Unbroken
For Mom.
I didn't know I still had so much mourning in me.

Time to shift gears and do my regular program.

The New Breakfast Snob, Sun Nov. 18th:

Aphrodite's Child
- End of the World
This song is describing a place, not an event, but it fits today's theme- whatever that is.
AC once released an album about Satan or had a giant 666 on the cover, back when that still had shock value. I can't remember what that sounded like...this song is kinda wimpy...

Jethro Tull- Wind Up
Only a truly rotten bastard would play this song directly after the Gospel Hour.

Marianne Faithfull- Guilt
I know, I know...I can't help myself. The whole thing is out of my hands by now...what happens next is anyone's guess.

Johnny Cash- Personal Jesus
I may be broke, but I got Cash...there's a Cash song for every occasion.

XTC- This World Over
This sounds like the Police. End times over and out...

Kraftwerk- We Are The Robots
After the humans are gone, the world be controlled by the AI program from Civ IV.
Only then will we know peace.

The Stranglers- Paradise
"I went in search of Paradise, they said it would be good for my head"

The Kinks- Waterloo Sunset
"... they cross over the river... they are in Paradise..."

The Great Society- Grimly Forming
This was Grace Slick's band before Jefferson Airplane.
The song is about war protesters and the soldiers who shoot them...see, back in the 1960's there was this war in a place called the ', only one living person believes that Viet Nam was a 'good' war. Unfortunately, that man is our President.

Arlo Guthrie- Wheel of Fortune
This is for the Twin.

Chris Spedding- Breakout
The more music changes, the more it stays the same.

Pretty Things- There Will Never Be Another Day
When this LP, Emotions, was re-issued on CD, the label included a nice set of bonus tracks- the original LP was 'sweetened' with strings, horns, mellotrons and assorted production clutter intended to boost sales - I like the 'rough' mixes better.
There was another day, it turns out...

The Kinks- Jukebox Music
"It's all because of that music, that we're slowly drifting apart..."

Cocteau Twins- Evangeline
Why do I do this to myself?

Alan Parsons - To One in Paradise
Ah, dream too bright to last!

Damien Dempsey- I Believe in Love
Top 40. Really.

10 CC- Sand in My Face
Don't mock my Cherry Poptart beach towel.

Elvis Costello- Sunday's Best
It's tough on babies everywhere.

Randy Newman- Little Criminals
I bet Randy Newman would've been fun to get wasted with.

Nina Hagen- Lucky Number
Nina Hagen was so much fun to record with that her band recorded the music in Los Angeles and then sent the tapes to Berlin for Nina to finish.
I think she's hot.

Flaming Groovies- Have You Seen My Baby?
Randy Newman wrote this song. And yes, I have. I think she's hot.

Steve Hillage- Light in the Sky
Power chords and flying saucers from former Gongster guitarist. Motivation Radio!

Golden Palominos- Heaven
I should have played this during the Gospel Hour:

it feels good for a minute- all that shoving and shoving
all that screaming and moaning- but it all leads to nothing.
it feels good for a minute- all the promises sighed
all that whispering and crying- all that coming like dying

Genesis- Counting Out Time
...a more light-hearted approach to the same subject.

Neil Young- Welfare Mothers have more problems and less money than I do?
I think I'm in love.
Let's have babies!

Paula Cole - Happy Home

I never knew what to say to anybody,
I didn't know what to do, I was far too young
But everybody could feel the suffocation
Underneath a facade of a happy home

Paw- Seasoned Glove

Oh Daddy, where have your shoes been?
Please say that this is not my fault
Something I did-
You've been gone for such a long time
You've been gone at just the wrong time

Larry Graham- Easy Rider
Fightin' and Shuckin'!


yellowdog granny said...

those are some of my favorite gospel songs..didnt think i would like gospel didya...? favorite is an old rugged cross..used to sneak off to baptist church with my cousins when i was a kid...pissed my mother off something fierce...her being a catholic and all...

the rube said...

those gospel songs are a great recruiting tool for good old god.

Fourteen junkies
too weak to work
One sells diamonds
for what they're worth
Down on pain street,
disappointment lurks

beth said...

I hope the Good, Not Good, Good thing is contagious and rubs off on me! I've gotten the good, then the not good. Waiting for the final twist in the plot that makes everything good!

Hope all is well. Thinking only good thoughts about you.

CS said...

Yea about the car.

I know very little about gospel. But thinking maybe God punishing you for not beieving in God is very funny, if logically inconsistent.

Allan said...

JS- The music is real, even if God isn't.


You too.

CS- Everything about God is logically inconsistent.Or not.

angel said...

yet another awesome selection dude!!! magic!!!