Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

We are in the middle of our bi-annual Pledge Drive at the station; for an entire week we shamelessly beg the public for the spare change and loose dollars that make our broadcasts possible...it's a busy time for us volunteers, but it comes with it's own set of rewards- one of which is food.

Glorious food.

Of course, there are hazards involved, one of which is food.

Al, a carnivorous volunteer, was lamenting the lack of meat-based foodstuffs on our station buffet (dude, it's Green Week)...his complaint did not go unheeded.
The following day, Wendy, another one of our stalwart volunteers, brought in this delicacy, made especially for Al:

Sea of Corned Beef Hash

Goldfish Crackers and sculpted frankfurters set on a bed of Corned Beef Hash!
In the culinary arts, presentation is everything and this is presentation taken to the extreme.
I sent this pic to my best penpal. She lost two pounds just looking at it.

Al S., the meat-seeking volunteer, thought it was great. Within 24 hours, it was all gone...coincidently, so was Al.

Get well soon, buddy!

Al Gets His Wish:

( food pics by Fontaine)

Al isn't the only one that's been enjoying the festivities over the last few days...I've had a couple of good bands in the studio and I had a most excellent Sunday show, receiving a $100 pledge from two of my most loyal fans...I actually have loyal listeners!
That tickles me pink, it does... feels good. In some ways, I'm a very lucky man. I get to play my record collection on the radio and other people enjoy it...that's a high school rocker's dream come true.

I think I found my true calling this weekend. I'm not exactly sure what my calling is, but it definitely involves Rock Chicks. My friend Laura's new band played at our party Saturday and I was conscripted into taking pictures of Laura and her band:

Laura Drinking a 9.0% Alcohol Energy Drink Out of a Paper Bag While Sitting on her new Bass Amp:

Rock Chicks:

Here's a bit of weird blog/rock trivia...I first met Katie, (above, left), at a 2005 gig in Brooklyn with her old band, The Strap-Ons...that band was sharing a drummer with my old band, Polite Society... I went to a NYC gig with them where I met my blogpal Lyzard- in person!
I was drunker than a roomful of priests, but it was a great time nonetheless.

After the show, the band and I found a diner that served whiskey and pancakes...then we went to a Motel 6 where I wound up comforting a weeping teenage groupie in the stairwell and later, in the ice-machine room.

It was one of those nights.

Well, two more days of Pledge Drive...then another weekend of live music. I have a jazz artist on Saturday and an Irish folk band on Sunday. I also have a paying a job, albeit a temporary one...I'll be shilling NASCAR merchandise at the Raceway on the 2nd and 3rd of next month...if I pass the background check. I can't believe that they asked me to submit a background check for a two-day temp job at a NASCAR event, but they did.

My boss didn't make me take a drug test but she did ask me if I could cope with drunken rednecks...I'd probably have to deal with some "unruly and intoxicated" customers, she said.
At a NASCAR race? , I asked in mock disbelief.
She laughed.

Assuming I clear the background check , I'll make a month's rent in two 14- hour days - the timing couldn't be much better...and yeah, I can handle drunken rednecks.

I watched a grown man eat the food pictured above. I can handle almost anything.

A Fender, a Throne and a Set of Irish Handcuffs:


Sling said...

Drunken rednecks are easy to handle!
Just give us a gallon jar of pickled eggs,and leave us alone.

yellowdog granny said...

that is the grossest thing i have ever seen...holy shit!.....but it sounds like loads of fun....
drunken rednecks..ask them if they know jackie from west, texas and if they do?..tell them i said to behave or i'll bip them..

Anonymous said...

Oh but you do lead a glamerous life don't you? lol
Also, what possible qualifiers could they have to exclude a person for this NASCAR background check thingy? It's like that "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" sign at the local Denny's. Yeah, like that's enforced. pft

billy pilgrim said...

i don't think that i could keep up with those rocks chicks on me best day let alone a normal day.

but they'd be fun to watch.

McRaven said...

In doing my job I cope with drunken red necks daily. I can handle those guys pretty good it's the drunken red necks who also are using a little coke or heroine that are hard to handle. They have super human strength and it usually takes a code strong and 8 guys to take him or her down and on go the 4 pts. I could tell you some stories...

I think the weenies and goldfish crackers dish looks good. I'm from Minnesota, hot dishes are the main.

Lyzard said...

Went out for sushi the other night and got something I had never tried before. (I do that often when I go out for sushi - against all advice.)

Turns out the dish was baby octopus... lots of them! So I guess it was baby octopi.

They looked a lot like your hot dogs there - same color even. Luckily, real baby octopi do not cause you to belch baby octopi taste for several days, like I imagine hot dog flavored baby octopi would.

And by the way, do you remember the stained glass window at the bar we met at? Stunning.

whimsical brainpan said...

I'm not surprised one bit that you have loyal listeners.

He he he! Drunken rednecks at a NASCAR event... I wonder how many posts you'll get out of that gig?

angel said...

i do hope you get the nascar gig... it should make for an interesting blog as well as rent money!

Herself said...

i swear that casserole haunted my dreams last night. giant hotdogs mmmmmmmm...

Susannity said...

Did other people besides Al eat that ... thing? Maximus' dog food looks tastier than that. Corned beef hash is just wrong.

Allan said...

Sling- I'll give ya a plate o' hash - not the good kind either!

JS- Raceway tradition holds that the Rednecks bip themselves...save the bippage for West!

Hat- I do indeed...for a homeless person.
I'm an ex-con but I cleared, it seems.

BP- Rock Chicks keep me young.And vigorous.

McR- Looks good?? Didn't you just eat a fried Oreo cookie sandwich? Hhahahaha!
You should swap recipes with my pal Lyzard.

Lyz- That baby octi thing is trendy here,it turns out...Wendy was being really, really funny!

That was a stained glass window? I thought that was Amber.

Whim- My blog can't keep up with my life anymore. Ya know?

Angel- I'll run out of blog fodder when China runs out of rice...oh,bloody hell.

T- Giant hot dogs?...even Freud would back away from that one!

Sus- Al and one other dude...
I am a obsessive reader of nutrition labels and ingredients list, as a result,Corned Beef Hash isn't allowed in my kitchen.
I would eat my cat's food first.

Anonymous said...

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