Sunday, May 18, 2008

Shameless Plugs

"We are quite different, yet I am drawn to you. I am powerless over this feeling."

"I know. It feels as if we were somehow made for each other."

"You are so beautiful...being with you turns me on."

Oh, just shut up, already.

"I have an idea."

"You talk too much."

Oh. Oh. Oh.

"Mmmmm...I could get used to that."

"Wow. You remind me of my ex-boyfriend. He really changed after we got married, though."

" Oh...Gosh! It's almost one o'clock! I need to leave."

"Call me."


The New Breakfast Snob, Saturday May 17th

Every Saturday at 1pm, I went from the worst time spot to the best
My thanks to everyone involved!

Dread Zeppelin- The Immigrant Song
What the world really needs is a reggae- styled Led Zeppelin tribute band with an Elvis impersonator as the lead singer. They broke up, I think...'tis pity.

Al Stewart- On The Border
It has been many years since I have seen Casablanca. I'd like to watch it sober.

Badfinger- Come and Get It

Peter Tosh - No Sympathy

Jonathan Coulton- Skullcrusher Mountain

I met Mr. Coulton via my imaginary friend , John Hodgman. Jonathon writes the best Dungeons and Dragons lovesongs , ever. You can listen here- for free!

Ken Nordine- Flesh
I love this bizarrely enlightened poem. It's from a REsearch CD that a DJ pal gave me.

Flogging Molly - Cry of the Celtic

The Proclaimers- Irish Girls Are Pretty
Yes, they are. That's why there are so many great songs about them.

Damien Dempsey- Your Pretty Smile
Irish girls are pretty.

Ringo Starr- No No No Song

A ten-pound bag of cocaine? Those were the days.
Don't do drugs.

Sweet- Love Is Like Oxygen

Alan Parsons- I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You
You are drunk. That's sad.

Bruce Cockburn- Lovers in Dangerous Times
Got to kick at the darkness until it bleeds daylight

Amen to that.

10 CC- Art for Art's Sake
In the kitchen, in the hall...against every wall... for God's sake...

Big Mountain/UB40- Baby I Love Your Way
This started with Humble Pie?

The Beatles- Abbey Road Medley( You Never Give Me Your Money...She Came In Through The Bathroom Window)
This, to me, is some of the best Beatles, ever. It's just a string of unfinished song bits worked into a ten-minute jam session...brilliant, really.

Butthole Surfers- Pepper

I can taste you on my lips
And smell you in my clothes

Cinnamon and sugary
And softly spoken lies

You never know just how you look

Through other people's eyes

Nina Hagen- Smack Jack

This is one of the best anti-heroin songs of all, her voice is twisted and brilliant. Too bad she found more Nunsexmonkrock from the Eastern Bloc.

The Kinks- Rock and Roll Fantasy
I am a background character in this song- it's written by Ray Davies to his brother and band-mate, Dave.

Sugarcubes- Sick For Toys
Solar power is the wave of the future, baby!

Montrose- Space Station # 5
This bangs my head.

T. Rex- 20th Century Boy
I need to get a bicycle helmet.

Frank Zappa- Dirty Love
Like a dragon in your dreams

Hot Tuna -Serpent of Dreams
The serpent of your expectations sleeps a nervous dream


My next trick:
Removing the dust bunny from this live socket using a pair of metal tweezers.


Herself said...

dude, anything that involves and elvis impersonator is automatically cool.

billy pilgrim said...

tres artistic.

yellowdog granny said...

i bet they got a charge out of that..

Caryn said...

GROAN on the outlet humor.(And yet it was oddly humorous. What does that say about me?)

schlep said...

This is a fine way to conduct yourself.

Lyzard said...

"Isn't it enough that I ruined a pony making a gift for you?"

can't. stop. laughing.

Thank you.

Craig D said...


whimsical brainpan said...

Love that sense of humor you have (currently anyway)!

Great show! I really enjoyed it.

Sling said...

Highly conducive to great laughter!
On a scale of 110,I give it a 220!

angel said...

they really had an elvis impersonator... or is that another imaginary friend?

dude- step away from the tweezers!

Auld Hat said...

WHAT?! Nina Hagen found Jesus? Hand me those tweezers...

citizen of the world said...

No doubt he said he'd call later...

Allan said...

Tif- The band can really play, too!

BP- I know. I'm great , aren't I?

JS- Groan. One down...

Caryn- Blog is my outlet!

Schlep- I'm all about the dignity.

Liz- Hehehehehheee thank you too.

Whim- Good pun.No groan.

Sling- Ha!A groan-free twofer! Nice.

CD- Groan. Two...

Angel- They were real. Tune in , I'll be playing more.

Hat- Not until I'm done...OK, here ya go.

CW- And they all lived happily ever after...