Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lone Star Romance

(If you click the pic, you'll be taken to a slide show featuring the entire comic)

This here is an unfinished rough draft of a comic that I wrote in the late nineties, art by Richard Menustik. I found it at the bottom of box of old books as I cleaned my apartment today.
I chopped it into a slide show for your amusement. I had forgotten this comic (but not the story)...
I suddenly feel like doing comics again. Too bad my drawings suck.

Note: It's much easier to read it if you hit "pause" and advance the slides manually.


yellowdog granny said...

you should start it up again...put it on your blog..

Herself said...

that was awesome. my daughter just asked me "what are you smiling about?" ha.

beth said...

Wow! BTW: Richard's portfolio was recently stolen and he lost much of his original artwork. I am glad there is still some of his stuff left.

Auld Hat said...

Holy shitballz! (shivers)
She terrifies me.

Craig D said...


I'm a big fan of those "autobiographical" comics that were so big back in the 80s & 90s so that was exactly my cup of tea.

The art kind of reminded me of Frank Staack's work with Harvey Pekar.

Thanks for sharing, you Renaissance Man, you.

whimsical brainpan said...

You really should start up again.

Allan said...

JS-I need an artist...I can't draw.

Tif - I'm glad you smiled.

Beth- I have a lot of his art work ...I'm gonna walk over to his house as soon as I post this. Thanks for the reminder!

Hat- She was scarier than Texas.

CD- American Splendor! That's high praise- thanks!

Whim- Start what?

Sling said...

That was totally entertaining!..
'The State that's rated like a hotel'..brilliant!

angel said...

very cool allan, and i don't think your drawing sucks at all!

Anonymous said...

hi, i went to high school with richard menustik and wondering if you knew where he was or how to get in touch with him thanx!