Saturday, November 28, 2009

Radio Giveaway

This is what my 1pm radio show looked like at 11:40 this morning. Each  block represents a song or an audio file and some files are not like the others. The newer songs (post-199ish) are shown as giant lime slabs- the older tunes appear as jagged waves with visible peaks and valleys. Any guess as to which type of file has a more natural sound?

This flower was blooming in my uncle's backyard on Thanksgiving afternoon.

Life is hardy stuff, something that I need to keep in mind as I gird my loins in preparation for my fifth return to work this year. I have been told that I can expect to work until July of next year but there is still a lot of 2009 remaining- if I get lucky,  I could get laid-off and re-hired two more times before New Years Day.

There has been a flurry of  inter-continental activity and recent reports indicate that the first pair of Monday Machines songs are coming together nicely. It's a new and challenging endeavor, recording original music with people who are thousand of miles away- we never rehearse as a full group and I have never actually met any of my band-mates in person.

I find it odd but somehow satisfying that my new band has over 50 fans despite having absolutely no released songs- I mean, I  played in bands for years, bands with dozens of songs but rarely drawing fifty people to a show-  and now we have a fan club of fifty but we have no songs.

If you are a fan of irony, then you are a fan of Monday Machines.  Sign up here. It'll be worth it.

Perhaps this winter will bring less than it's usual share of discontent. I have a job, a radio show, a band, lots of old friends  and a pair of great new friends to go with all of it.  My music and my work will sustain me through the holiday season and my brother is coming to visit in may wind up being a decent end to a profoundly mixed year.

Happiness? It could happen.


The New Breakfast Snob , November 28, 2009 1pm-3pm

R.Crumb - Confessions of R.Crumb
Pink Floyd- Fearless
Can- Vitamin C
Astronauts of Antiquity- Soup du Jour
Faust- Flashback Caruso
Green Man- Shiny Penny
Frames- Sideways Down
Cary Grace- Firefly

Pretty Things- Sickle Clowns

The Clash - Lost In The Supermarket
Joe Strummer- Get Down Moses
Snakefinger- Kill The Great Raven
Soft Boys- I Got The Hots

Pentangle- Rain and Snow
Richard Thompson- Tear Stained Letter
Warren Zevon- Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead
XTC- Senses Working Overtime
Strawbs- Tears and Pavan
Radiohead- Bodysnatchers
Aphrodesia- Think Suffer
Arvel Bird- No Problem
Carrie Rodriguez- She Ain't Me
HuDost- Trespasser
Garbage- #1 Crush
Kaiser Cartel- Okay
King Crimson- Thela Hun Ginjeet

Saturday November 21, 2009

Opal - Magick Power
Mazzy Star- Bells Ring
Snakefinger- The Model
Mothers of Invention- Let's Make The Water Turn Black
Cary Grace - Vanishing
Gong- Flying Teapot
Frames- Revelate
Pentangle- Mirage
Golden Palominos- Anything
Mike Watt- Against The 70;s
Belly- Gepetto
Danielle Dax- 16 Candles

Zerfas- The Sweetest Part

Dare Dukes- Ballad of Darius McCollum

The Potentials- Mayday Baby/ Next Attraction (w/ in-studio interview)

Neil Young- Over and Over
Cardiacs- Manhoo
Eleni Mandell- Pirate Song
Funkadelic- I'll Stay
The Faces-You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything
Chris Huff-For the Trees
Pere Ubu- Love Love Love
Damien Dempsey- Teachers

Until next time...


angel said...

Well I hope the job pans out and lasts this time...
I can't wait to hear your new band's works dude!


I'm afraid to say good luck for fear of jinxing it..
I love so many of the songs you played I can't name them all..

secret agent woman said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you...

schlep said...

Egads, "Manhoo" - I blinked and missed it!